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  1. Rabbijon


    Any tips on the plastic cowling removal so I can access the wiper motor.
  2. Rabbijon


    Quick bit of advice please. My wipers on the rav have this strange thing where, when you put them on the fastest setting they will go painfully slow, much slower than the normal wipe setting you would put them on. Had issues before with the wipers but corrected itself and just left it. Is the motor needing replaced? Cheers.
  3. I was planning to go into the garage today but it seems to have settled back down and functioning normally. I'll just need to keep an eye on it as well. Still seems slightly underpowered though. It will inevitably fail when I need the wypers the most.
  4. I have been wondering whether to look out my receipts and count up how much the car has cost me in the last year. I dread to think. But I do like my car. :)
  5. He (big Kev) said it about mine and he was right. Fingers crossed for you.
  6. How long would people expect a wyper motor to last in the car? I'm at 60k and roughly 6 years old. Still not been to garage to get it checked. Hopefully get down tomorrow.
  7. How much would that set me back?
  8. It was similar until the wypers stopped altogether, however the wiper motor would still sound when I used the stock. Got the linkage replaced and it solved it. But then they appear to be underpowered again repeating the same kinda problems as before.
  9. How do I get to the motor. I can't get the plastic cover off that hides the wyper mechanism etc.
  10. Anyone know where I could get my hands on some blank switch knockouts for my rav. I need two for the blanks beside the heated seats buttons (lower centre console). Tried ebay but they all seem to be gone. More likely cant be bothered selling something so small.
  11. Worked when folded back there. However when i put them back on the window as well they worked. No stopping halfway this morning. Still seem weak though.
  12. Thanks for the pointers. It being the motor is my fear. More pennies I may have to spend :(
  13. Hey Kev. No other electrical problems and the above mentioned all seem ok. I'll take a trip to the garage tomorrow and see if they can figure it out.
  14. Hey all. Recently had the wyper linkage on my rav replaced as they had stopped working altogether. Been fine till now. It's as if the wipers aren't powerful enough. Pushing up on the stock to get one wipe in normal circumstances, now only allows them to go halfway at best. I need to keep the stock pushed up to get the wypers to get back home. When on rain sensing mode they seem to struggle to wipe the screen. Is the motor on the way out? Or could it be a host of other things?? And any tips on removing the plastic area to allow getting a look at all the workings of the wyper mechanisms. Plasti
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