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  1. I have a 1987 corolla 1300 which gets wet in the front foot wells when it rains. It does not have a sunroof and I have replaced the windscreen. While I might like to move to drier areas,I can't. The water pours in through the bulkhead below the dashboard. Any (serious) suggestions? penygraig
  2. does anyone have any suggestions for curing a leak which lets water into the front footwells of my 1987 corolla 1300. I posted this question on 05/01/11 but if I had any answers I couldn't find them. thank you, penygraig
  3. I have a 1987 Corolla. She's a steady and reliable old car. However she has started to leak water when it is raining The water comes in under the dashboard. I have replaced the windscreen but there is no improvement. Does anyone have any suggestions. My local garage doesn't seem interested. Perhaps I should try my Toyota dealer but feel it might be expensive. Cheers, Penygraig
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