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  1. Some kind individual has collided with my drivers side door mirror. Initial inspection suggests the glass and actual body have survived but the painted cover and the LED indicator are both damaged beyond repair. Are any aftermarket covers and indicators available or will this be a dealer only job? I’ve found some aftermarket indicators online but they are All the version with bulbs and I need the Led version. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers
  2. I’m presuming both the vehicles you mention are the 4.3 model? My 2010 XTR didn’t have roof rails originally but I bought a pair of proper Toyota ones and fitted them myself a few years ago. Dead easy job. From memory there are just two plastic covers to remove on each side of the roof and four bolts the fasten each rail to the roof. No special tools needed or anything of that nature.
  3. Brendan, When you say the dealer has tried to clean the DPF a few times was that by trying to carry out a forced regeneration? If the DPF is actually blocked that has limited chance of success. There is a company called Ceramex who are specialists in cleaning out DPFs for a reasonable cost compared to a new one. It would mean removing your DPF and sending it off to them. Have a look.....it might just be another option for you to consider?
  4. You are in a rubbish position but I wouldn’t be spending that sort of money on a problematic 180. Sad but they have proved time and time again not to live up to their original promise. The proposed work may solve your problems for now but there is no guarantee that it will be a lasting solution.
  5. Austin, I am no expert but I recall reading previously about injectors being specifically calibrated or coded in some way to other parts of the engine management system. If this is the case with your model of car then it may be that you need to take this into consideration e.g. specific injectors may need to go back in exactly the same position they came from .....number 1 injector in number 1 cylinder etc. or may even need to be recalibrated before refitting? I may be off target but would rather you research this before removing them without marking which is which and ending
  6. Pogle

    Idle Up

    What exactly do you want to know? It does what it says in that it will increase the engine revs at tickover when pressed but it will only do this if the outside temperature is below a certain level. The function is useful in extreme cold climates but not of any great value in usual UK conditions.
  7. By broken internal part do you mean that metal shield that covers the front of the headlight bulb? If so your car should still pass its MOT as long as the bulb fitted has a tip that doesn't let the light through (ie it effectively prevents the actual filament been visible from the front in the same way the metal shield does). I'm not clever enough to post a pic here but someone else might be able to do so. The MOT test will check the beam pattern is correct but that will still be OK. ​If you want your lights to match you can remove the metal shield from the other light - it is held in by a
  8. Ive got a Varta G8 fitted as well. As graunch says it does fit and I think it's a significant improvement over the original spec. Out of interest where did you source your 2.2kw starter from Steve?
  9. I get the same howling noise occasionally. I change the fuel filter every 12 months as part of the service and I've found that it does it more with some filters than others even when they are new. I also take the view that the cost of replacing with modified parts (apparently with no guarantee of a long term fix) isn't worth it. Doesn't seem to affect how the car runs in any way.
  10. I don't want remap Heidfirst just the EGR delete but would still need to get into the ECU for that. I think some have got into the later 2.0 & 2.2 diesels but not the earlier ones like mine.
  11. Bought one anyway so will soon find out if it fits....
  12. Good info Firemac. I am considering EGR delete. Routine daily business for some makes/ models but it seems not for the 4.2 d4d.
  13. Thanks Alex. I suspected that might be the case.
  14. Do I need one that is 64.5mm or is the petrol one different size?
  15. Does anyone know if the Denso ECU on this model can be re-flashed? I read some years ago that nobody had managed to crack it but that was some time ago and things move on. Internet searches so far do not appear to be conclusive. Any info appreciated. Thanks
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