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  1. I was really surprised how high the T Sport's are standard, considering it's a SPORT's model! But that is the only fault i've found with it so far Anyhow, as the weather was particularly nice yesterday, I thought i'd give the CTS a bit of a pampering. Really impressed with the results, but as always, my pathetic camera hasn't shown the full story... Just a quick few pics of the HID kit that I have purchased off my mate for a bargain price as well. Can't wait to see the difference!
  2. That dash looks very familiar...mine's near enough exactly the same! Nice work
  3. Cheers for the replies guys, nice to see all of them pretty positive! In regards to the bump strips, i'm thinking of either colour coding them (when I get round to sorting out the bits of paint that the car needs) or just getting rid all together. Not too sure at the minute! I haven't been pulled or even had a look my way regarding the number plate. As it's very close to the legal plate size, as I've looked into it on the dvla website ;) I definitely think the carbon wrap does a lot for the interior. Needs redoing at some point, as there are a few bubbles and scratches in places. But everyone who's seen it is impressed! The wind deflectors came on the car when I bought it, so they're going to stay for the forseeable future, until I start to get it sorted. If the weather is any good tomorrow, i'm going to have a go at sorting out the HID's. Not looking forward to all this messing about with the front bumper and stuff (as i'm lazy, and not the most practical person in the world), but i'll see. Thanks for the comments, and I hope i'll have more to update soon! Karl
  4. Its been a while since I picked up my Corolla now (December), but Ive at last managed to do a couple of little, but nice changes to it. These are the pictures when I first purchased/picked it up: Firstly, I purchased some 3M carbon fibre wrap for a few interior bits that Ive wanted to cover from when I first bought it. As of now, Ive only had a mate do my centre console. To be honest, I think it looks pretty nice, considering before it was just plain silver and had nothing really going for it. The second and cheapest change of the lot was the front "cut-down" number plate. I've seen quite a few cars going round on them lately, so I went down to a local number plate shop and they wanted £30 for two, which I found slightly ridiculous. So, with a bit of initiative, I managed to create my own... Finally, whilst I was having two new front tyres fitted at my local Toyota dealership (Dad's workplace, luckily) I managed to purchase some new chrome centre caps, nuts and locking nuts for my alloys (shown below), 2 new keys and a bluetooth car/ipod kit. Since these pics I have only purchased a xenon headlight kit, which a few others have got on this forum. Hopefully be gracing the car very soon! Fingers crossed. Future plans: * Bodywork resprayed/touch up * Coilovers * New set of wheels (preferably something different/outragous) * Engine work Any suggestions, ideas and comments welcome. Karl
  5. I have now also purchased this exact HID kit, as my mate had it hanging around from his old 206 :)
  6. Looking forward to the pics of the HID kit, as I think you guys may have pursuaded me now
  7. Hi everyone, Was just wondering about what my options are regarding exhausts on my 03 plate T Sport are? Just recently i've noticed the exhaust is getting rusty, and the last time I washed it properly for a while (last week), I noticed the tip had rusted at the weld, and dropped off :( I've been scouring ebay and here since then, but with no luck on a cheapish standard exhaust, and the ones on here have already gone! So basically i'm after places/websites to look at to try and find one. Any info would be brilliant, as it's annoying me now. Cheers, Karl
  8. Hi guys, I'm looking for either a standard backbox/full exhaust or a custom backbox/full exhaust for my 03 plate T Sport. If anyone knows of one knocking about anywhere, could you please give me a PM as i'm in urgent need, but can't find one anywhere. Thanks, Karl
  9. Thanks for the comments guys, was good to get some feedback on these, as I found the D2's on EBAY, and was unsure of the quality.... I'm now wondering whether if there's any point of me having coilovers?! As I won't be a full out track user, be changing my ride height much (if any at all, once I've lowered it) etc, so was thinking of going down the spring options now. I've found some H&R 45mm lowering springs for £170, and was wondering if it was worth it? As I just prodominantly just want the arch gap smaller! Link - http://www.motorsportworld.co.uk/detprod.asp?productcode=HR-29329-3&PID=1071634
  10. I'm not even going to bother going out, walking is the key ;)
  11. I only need the casing and a blank blade though, no internals...