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  1. bd1

    Problem With My Aygo

    Update: been checking the oil level regularly and unfortunately it was going down, topped it up yesterday as it was very close to the minimum mark. Still however the car seems to be running great and there are still no signs of leaks on the drive and no smoke from the back while driving at all....
  2. bd1

    Problem With My Aygo

    Thanks Jonny. Its a 56 reg with just under 52k, its had full service history with its last service being in Dec 2011 at about 43/44k.
  3. bd1

    Problem With My Aygo

    cheers for the replies, forgot to post back on here. Obviously the first thing was to check the oil level as said and yep it was below minimum so walked to the garage for some oil and topped it up right away, since then the horrible symptoms have totally disappeared! Just wondering now why the oil got low.... no signs of leaks and no signs of burnt oil coming out the exhaust..
  4. Hi there, wondering if anyone can help identify the problem with my aygo from these symptoms... Yesterday I started to notice a scraping noise while accelerating and also when dipping the clutch, it comes and goes. Plus the oil light started flashing briefly every now and then. Then today i've had the same symptoms plus I think the engine might be occasionally misfiring, like it sometimes judders when accelerating. Just any advice etc. would be handy before I spend lots of money at a garage. Thanks, Ben
  5. Not sure if you've noticed but someone has put two big lines over that aygo.
  6. bd1

    Aygo "go"! Pics

    Yeah, i like the contrast of the dark windows with the white paint. You can get a genuine toyota glovebox on ebay for about £25 delivered. Clips into place in about 10 seconds, have one in my aygo+