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  1. Hi anchorman yes you are correct there is no pump in tank fuel appears to be drawn through by the SCV valves so still at a bit of a loss on the noise as the engine runs with no other problems thanks busy bee
  2. Hi all we looked in the tank via the fuel sender opening expecting to find a pump ,but could not see one .Does a 2 ltr diesel 2005 RAV on a 55 plate have a pump in the tank.Can any one confirm this, and how does one remove the sender from the tank as it has a pipe fixed to the bottom of it which seems to prevent removal.busy bee
  3. Hi anchorman its the connector on top of the pump above the tank busy bee
  4. Hi all it now appears that the fuel pump in the tank is not working . We disconnected the fuel line at the filter and ran the engine for a short time but no fuel was pumped from the tank .Have checked voltage a the fuel pump plug and there is 12 volts at the on the plug .There is a value 17 ohms on two pins on the pump side, but no value on the other two (four pins on plug).Should the pump run all the time the ignition is on? Thank for any help busy bee
  5. Hi Anchorman tried this made no difference the noise sounds the same as in in the videos for the fuel problem .It is much more pronounced when cold and seems to come from the turbo area .A diesel engine specialist is going to have a look tomorrow thanks
  6. Hi can any one help have changed filter housing as suggested to eliminate engine howl but has not cured problem any ideas what else to try busy bee