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  1. Yes, there are little rubber lugs on the foot pack that fit into the dots. For info the official foot packs are Thule 753.
  2. Exactly and it has the Thule part number on it too! What's more buy them from @Parts-King and they are cheaper than the actual Thule ones!
  3. For anyone else looking, they are a Thule rebrand.
  4. Mines a June 2019 1.8 and never had one.
  5. Also, does anyone know who makes the toyota ones? Are they rebranded?
  6. Has anyone here bought roof bars for the touring sport? Either the official Toyota ones for other big brands? @Parts-King Are you able to offer the official toyota ones? Thanks
  7. Do the front caliper pistons on a 2010 Auris just push back in or do they need to turned and pushed? Also, anyone know the torque settings for the slide pins and and carrier bolts? Thanks
  8. Which ones? Fronts? Backs? from front to back? I had a look at the rears and they look like they need doing. That's what I kind of thought, quicker to replace the whole arm rather than each bush. By the time they have removed and replaced the labour time will be the same as a new arm.
  9. Just had the car serviced and the garage has flagged up a few issues. Rear brake pipes corroded and both sides front to rear pipes corroded. All need replacing. Anyone had this work done and what was the cost? Also worn bushes in the front suspension arms. Really surprised at the quoted price for this but was told that they replace the suspension arms rather than just the bushes. Does this sound correct? I would have though the brushes could be replaced rather than the full arm. Thanks!
  10. Copper slip or Ceratec. Preferably ceratec as I am told Copper slip can interfere with the ABS. The copper slip or ceratec goes on the back of the pad ;)
  11. Is there play or is it just loose? Mine had play and I found the handbrake mechanism in the caliper wasn't releasing properly.
  12. PS is the rear the same as the front?
  13. Thanks for that, I am not planning on removing the caliper completely, just dangle it still connected out of the way while working.
  14. What torque setting should the caliper slid pin bolts and mounting brackets be tighten to on the front of a 2010 Auris Sr?
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