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  1. GS John & Redrob (Dave) Phonecall this lunchtime whilst out and about in 'Aygo'............Toyota Vantage Group in Colne would like to arrange to meet us at 1pm to discuss some 'options'. Arrived to be then greeted by the 'Sales' chap who sold us the car in the first place. Apparently he was so P'd off at how we had been treated he had asked to personally manage our situation (Yeh right). He then went on to say: "He knew we were not happy with our car but that all the Rav4's had the SAME PROBLEM, the only difference being, SOME had it WORSE THAN OTHERS". I think my jaw must have fell on t
  2. Must be a NW England problem similar lack of calls on updates etc. It takes about a day for the clutch fit, if you light a bonfire underneath them! Had the "courtesy" call this weekend about my cars clutch replacement, when asked what score I'd give them out of 10 ( Mr T looks for 7 and above) I said one as zero was not an option. My wife is getting a call from the after sales manager today :D redrob, have you asked to see the parts they changed ;)
  3. Hi Dave, It's getting me down all this RAV4 nonsense.........The bl--dy car went in on Monday noon and the Manager said he would have the clutch on Tuesday, ring me later that day with a progress report and also said he was committed to sorting it out. Got to Friday at 5pm and still no phonecall or any contact. My wife then rang them and asked why nobody had phoned, the Service Manager said he hadn't phoned as he didn't want to bother us until he knew what was happening..............WHAT ? He then went on to say he was coming in on Saturday to work on getting our car sorted, so she asked him
  4. Hi Kieran, It sounds just like mine, I too have found it has to find 2nd gear itself so to speak. The 'Prestige' is somewhat tarnished I must say, especially when it frequently crunches into gear. I think the reason I can't accept this happens is I've never pushed the boat out and spent so much on what I perceived would be a vehicle I'd keep for years........hence my disappointment. On a more positive note, like you I love the vehicle and this is why I have been attempting to resolve this 'one' complaint. The good news is, Toyota are attempting to go through the motions of sorting it after muc
  5. Off back to Toyota Dealer today with my "Bad Gear Selection" 2008 Rav4 after it was last in and had a New Hub & Synchro fitted. I was sent packing with the problem NO different after this work and advised to give it 500 miles or so to "Bed-In". Well, it's been 700 miles now and nothing has changed whatsoever after new linkages and hub/synchro. My wrist constantly hurts with the 'crunching' vibration that is caused just trying to engage 2nd gear. When asked what they are going to do the local Vantage Toyota franchise said............"We'll have another look". I said to the Service Manager t
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SMILER............ENJOY !!!!!!
  7. Thanks to all for the Birthday Wishes............49 Today. Best Wishes to all for 2011....X
  8. Hi Dave...........And a Happy New Year to you and your family. I was thinking about you and your problem a couple of day's back, then had to go to work (shifts) and have just got your message. As you know, got my 2008 Rav4 back on 9th December after they had it for 11 day's, they changed some linkages which they say were worn. After driving it a day I was still finding 1st & 2nd gear extremely difficult to engage, but like you, found it slightly easier when taking time pulling through the gate. Though I generally find, when you are in a hurry, it's not alway's possible to take your time...
  9. Nice one..............pmsl. Craig
  10. Don't mean to rant or keep mentioning 'Roundabouts', but where I live there is a large one and traffic from the M65 Motorway filters onto it. They have a head start at you from some distance, obviously, having pulled away in 1st and then not being able to engage 2nd asap DOES cause some stress when a car/lorry is about to punch you up the rear............I rest my case & won't mention them again. Well, the snow is here and my Rav4 is in the garage. As you say, they do seem to be attempting to sort it, I'll give them that. So I'll just have to bare with them and see where it all ends. To be
  11. Hi Anchorman, You are talking to a mechanical moron here and the technical stuff is wasted on me I'm afraid, however, surely it would be a bit much for manufacturers to walk away from a problem as dangerous as that which both Dave from Durham & I are experiencing. It's one thing to have a 'notchy' gear change and another to experience serious difficulty engaging 2nd after pulling into a busy roundabout, surely it's a safety matter as well. Can't quite believe that Toyota with all there vast experience expect your average driver to have to put up with this after only having purchased the ca
  12. Hi Dave................No Joy as such. Gonna put in new Hub/Synchro which won't come until Monday. So it's back to driving the Toyota Aygo. They've had the car more than me............ Will keep you posted and you likewise. Craig
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