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  1. 1990 G reg Toyota Carina 11 grey charcoal with blue cloth interior. Manual, 78000 miles 1565 cc engine. One lady owner only from new who has sadly died and with the car is a large file including all MOTs and receipts and her own notes .The handbook and service schedule are retained. Taxed and MOT until May 2015. Hardcopy and video copy of recent Local Toyota dealer visual assessment of the car . Must be seen to be appreciated.Good condition for year with one or two blemishes to bodywork. Any query and/or inspection invited. IS THIS CAR DESTINED TO BE TAKEN AS A PART EXCHANGE AND SCRAPPED? £750.00 M. 07834953823
  2. So you,ve tried the location I passed?
  3. Thanks for the replies. It is a 1990 Carina 11 GL auto. I dont know whether the points are the old or new version? I think the smoke is whitish/grey and noxious.When starting the car the engine note is not continuous for awhile and stall is feared but does not usually occur. The car has just had work done- timing belt, drive belt and replacement oil cooler pipes. When I went to the car the other day there was an oil slick in front of it. I placed it on level ground and the following day dipped the oil but it was ok. There was no oil slick underneath - so is it leaking oil or not?? I will keep dipping. When warmed up its just like a 'baby sleeping', great!
  4. Hi, yes your Carina looks a good project . The best of luck. I have a 1990 Carina 11 GL and i have been looking for two roof moulding strips and have located them at 'Pentagon Sheffield' Tel. 0114 2852765. They are on ebay also listing the parts they have for each model. So the parts are out there if you cannot get them privately ( enthusiast) or from a scrap yard . They will cost you but will be cheaper than from Toyota. The decision for me now is whether I,m going to to part with good money on a cosmetic feature?
  5. There are so few of us owning Carina !!'s out there to ask- but is sluggish firing an usual thing with 11's or can I improve things? I have had a service and renewed ditributor cap and rotor arm. After starting there is lots of fumes and smoke from rear and a risk of stall.
  6. Your problem is similar to my 'Window sticking' which I posted on the 11th of May last. You dont have an outright failure e.g. a fuse gone or whatever , but a jamming as Petroleum suggests ? My side window jams and requires a thump to release , but as Petroleum suggested in my case , something may be impeding the glass moving and that is what I am working on to get a permanent cure. Best of luck.
  7. Does anyone out there have a pair of Carina 2 roof rails to replace my rusted ones please?
  8. A very interesting example and history. My Carina 2 is a 1990 model and I am the third owner . The last owner had it for 17 years and it is well looked after . It has 68,000 miles on the clock . It drives and looks great.The asking price in my case was £750 but I knocked them down. To insure, it was half this price!! I remember selling my Rover Vitesse- I was told it was worth only £250 but an enthusiast gave me £1500! What colour is your car , the transmission etc and do you have a photo? I love the model and would consider buying it from you when you are ready and when you are happy with a price?
  9. I have a 1990 Carina 2 and both roof rails are rusted through at the ends. I have taken them off and think that they are beyond repair . I took them off thinking perhaps that the rust moth could extend to other parts of the roof? I could leave it as it is without fitting rails because the channels underneath are part of the metal roof and secure, it just wont look as nice with shiny roof rails there? Has anyone any ideas where I can find replacement rails or what other steps I can take to deal with the situation ? Are the rails on my car the same as on any other Toyota models for example? Or is it just a matter of putting up with a less than complete car rather that paying out a third of its value on visiting a Toyota dealer and having new ones fitted?
  10. 'Like, when is it? The details please?'
  11. Thanks Petroleum, There's me thinking the worst scenario and it could be as you suggest something stopping the glass going up and down (jamming)? This and squirting something down the sides of the glass could be the cure? Taking off the door panel etc will for me be a challenge but nothing ventured nothing gained. .
  12. My driver's window is behaving normally now until another isolated episode when something will trigger malfunction. Whether this is the switch circuitry or motor which actually operates the glass ( if they are separate?), I dont know? It would be nice to see the lay-out of the mechanism inside the door frame without having to take it all apart? I had an incident with the power window ( passenger this time) with my other car ( non toyota) and it was simply a fuse blown . The window was stuck fully up and prevented the soft top fully closing . Bit of a worry at the time wondering if it was going to rain?
  13. Occasionally my driver's window 'jams' that is will not go up or will not go down but this is usually due to some reason. This weekend my daughter was in the back pressing one of the window switches there and I think triggered the failure on my window . We did everything to raise the window including taking the inner door apart but to no avail and I thought I would have to place a car cover over the car to protect the interior when on the journey home a random bang on the switch panel caused the window to perform correctly ( as in the past). So obviously it was not a fuse but some deterioration in the circuit board of the switches perhaps? Will it come a time when a thump on the door panel will not suffice? Will it mean a new switch/ circuit board and how much will one of these cost? Does the same switch/ circuit board appear in other models and I may be able to get one at a scrap yard or elsewhere? By the way the window switches for the rear doors have never worked since I received the car and I know why now - because they have been unplugged at the fuse box for one reason or another?
  14. My Carina 11 1.6 auto averages 35 to the gallon on mixed journeys . I am happy with this. I agree they are nice cars but the cost of insurance is prohibitive. Why is the insurance so much? My Toyota dealer offered a fuel mixture test on my car and I may very well take them up on this to see whether mpg can be improved and whether it is the cause of poor cold start and idle? Another niggling fault at moment is that my driver's power window sticks and is only released with some persuation by thumping the switch pad?? I suppose it will go altogether one day?
  15. I took it to my Toyota dealer late afternoon and they appeared quiet for once. I told them where I thought the problem lay . They came back saying that it was that part under the bonnet beneath the windscreen in the offsidecorner and it meant tightening a loose tube. They have temporarily fixed it in such a way as only the front washers work whether you operate the front washers or the rear screen ones ( they said they had by-passed something?) and gave me an estimate for a replacement part which was just under £100 ! I will consider this but at the moment the washer bottle fluid is being squirted onto the front windscreen efficiently. I asked what I owed them and they said, ' It only took a few seconds, there is no charge' and I had a free cup of coffee as well!They really are trying to redeem their reputation and customers down there.