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  1. Steam clean / jet wash it... Advice from a mechanic friend. Take the DPF off and jet wash it. That'll clear it out and a cheap fix. Worth a try before you pay £????'s pounds for new parts and labour. ; )
  2. I found this problem about a year ago on my 57 plate Auris. Vents in the rear arches I was told and the work was carried out under FREE OF CHARGE at a local dealer. Search this forum for my earlier posts regarding this, quite a few other people had the problem too.
  3. Cancel the panic. See the below pic. The pipe at this location had come off. No idea how but apparently it provides pressure for the brake servo and obviously something to do with acceleration? Can't believe I didn't spot it hanging off when the tow truck chap had a look, reconnected it and told me job done... In about that time. As that fixed the problem I was on my way. One new jubilee clip later and I'm a happy bunny. :D
  4. I pulled out of work this afternoon and my car suddenly has no power and the brakes virtually stopped working! The pedal is solid, like when you pump if after switching the engine off. I'm awaiting recovery!!! The loss of power is like limp mode but it will accelerate very slowly. THERE ARE NO WARNING LIGHTS on the dash either (like with limp mode). Your thoughts - 44000 mls, SR180, very recently serviced. Thanks. Dave.
  5. Had an ice moment a few weeks back, nearly ended up with a moment. Ha Ha. upload close one.bmp
  6. When I got home yesterday, the bulbs were there (minus the boot festoon bulb). Here is a little comparison. I'll post the rear number plate pics once I've cleaned the car. The colour is obviously different. They aren't massivly brighter but stand out at night. Standy for rear number plates, then glove box LED... Dave.
  7. And there was me thinking that my next car would be and AC/DC... Get it? BACK IN BLACK. :lol2:
  8. And so I did. Appologies for image quality, it's also a bit lighter in the old bulb side of the pics, I couldn't wait for the dark to fit them! When it was completey dark, the light in the car was noticably different, it looks cooler anyway. I'll be doing my map lights and number plate in the coming days, as soon as the bulbs arrive, then I hope we'll see some difference.
  9. I was driving down the A556 towards the M6 from Manchester a couple of weeks ago in my 3 Door Black Auris SR180. I pulled up next to a gleaming white SR180 at the lights but couldn't see who was in it. Must admit I'm not a fan of white cars but the SR180 looked good in white. Ha ha, that must be me (us). I meant to say A556, rather than A56. I like the black, the white is a constant cleaning project. Dave.
  10. Thanks for that Tavy. I'll tackle it after Christmas. Fancy changing it to a brighter white light. I'll post the pics once complete. Dave. : )
  11. Riddle me this? What sort of bulb is the one in the glove box and how does it come out? I poked it for quite a while but maybe my screwdriver was too fat! Any knowledge on this anyone? Cheers and a very happy Christmas and New Year to all. Dave.
  12. Cracking post, the whole thing (I just didn't want to quote the whole page again)
  13. :lol2: I'm sure she's very nice and will probably never see your above post.
  14. Tell me about it. Yet again I left my wallet at work, only realising when I pulled up at the fuel pump at my nearest Shell garage. :censor: Not normally a problem but I had been on low fuel since work (Manchester, about 19 miles) and was now on the last fuel block on the dash, still 7 miles from home. Needing to get home and back to the garage (14 miles), I checked the miles left, '0 Miles'. :ffs: I was faced with a conundrum! I thought, do I fill up and say "Oh no, i've not got my wallet!", no, done it once before at that place... I thought, I'll get back no probs, but will I make it back to the garage? Well, long story cut short, I did but was bricking it. On fill up though the car took 49.71L, aren't they a 55L tank? I could have had another 35+ miles out of it? So the moral of the story is 14 miles on 'O miles' left in tank is possible and STOP LEAVING YOUR WALLET AT WORK. :D
  15. Hi there. I've never heard of a sprint booster, I could look it up I suppose but it's nicer to converse. What it it please? If it's anything like a tuning box and you're intersted I've got a brand new, unused, boxed, Racechip Pro tuning box for the 2.2 D4D SR180 / T180. (the box is a new replacement of an older unit, cables are original but in perfect working orded). £185 inc P&P. Dave ;)