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  1. Ive had my Mk2 yaris for over 3 months now and the only way im able to play my own music is through the USB but it's so slow on reading the music files on my USB stick. Ive read around this forum and others too about the topic but most of the solution are pretty dated and often doesnt correspond to the version of stereo/player i have. So i've opened up my dashboard and took the player out. Here are the pictures: Has anybody resolved this problem or know how to resolve this problem? To reiterate, i need help on adding an AUX input so i can use my phone to
  2. I will definitely call them up tomorrow then. But in the meantime, what are other brands of after market air filter makers out there - that are preferably available in the UK?
  3. I saw that K&N didnt have one for my model but when i entered my reg on Amazon, it came up with that 33-2988. So i thought i'd try it out, since i can return it if it didnt fit. But what are other after market air filter makers out there, that are as good as K&N? Also, on eurocarparts, it came up with this when i entered my reg. Any info on this one, i cant seem to find what the code is for it with K&N
  4. Im looking to replace the air filter on my Yaris 1.4 Diesel SR 2008 with an after market one. I cant seem to find one that fits. I recently purchased a K&N 33-2988 and i tried to fit it this morning. But it doesnt fit. So i'd really like some help on finding an after market one that fits my version of the Yaris. Thanks in advanced.
  5. hello to all.... i have tried the following procedure but it was not succesful. the following is the step that i only finished. is there any special skills needed? "Programming Remote Key Fob Drivers door open and removed from ignition Insert key into ignition, then remove it within 40 sec close and open drivers door twice inset key in ignition then remove within 40 sec close and open drivers door twice close drivers door Insert key into ignition switch ignition ON and OFF once to program new key code whilst retaining original codes or twice to program a new key code whilst erasing the origin
  6. Never replace one spring. They should always be renewed in pairs. Be very careful when buying from ebay. I know people who hjave bought very cheap parts and that is just what they are! I have seen brake callipers which were positively lethal. Go to a good motor factor and get a quote from a firm like Blueprint. Regards Geoff Peace. thanks
  7. this is the one i saw in ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-YARIS-99-03-OFFSIDE-FRONT-SUSPENSION-LEG-1509-/320711566078?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4aabe622fe
  8. hello to all my cars driver side front coil spring snapped this morning. local shops told me that it is around gbp50 per spring(around gbp 100 for 2). i saw in ebay a front suspension leg for 1.0 with a delivered price of gbp42. my plan now is to buy this set instead of just replacing the coil spring so that it will be straightforward. i just want to ask if the front suspension legs for a 1.0 is the same with 1.3(with abs)? i am looking forward for your advise please. thank you very much.
  9. hello sir, please let me know if you will sell your yaris, i might be able to afford it. thanks
  10. i will check the lower suspension arm and the track rod end when the weather will be better. thanks for your replies.
  11. hello to all. friday last week, my wife was driving back home from work and it is snowing heavily. while driving, the car skidded to the right(luckily no one was coming from the opposite direction), then she turned the stirring and went back to the left. in that instance she hit the kerb badly and she was able to stop the car. i did visual inspection externally but i can not see any damage. we have noticed now that the stirring wheel is slightly not in its original position. if you are driving straight, the stirring is a bit stirred to the left and we noticed that the wheels/tyres are noisy n
  12. hello try aviva. i am with aviva-fully comp 4 years protected ncd 6k miles per year --gbp265. my wife is with them as well --fully comp, 3years ncd, 6k miles per year ---gbp325. that it, hope this will help.
  13. hello to all my yaris is 1.0l 2000 reg. mileage : 141+K service history: full service at 139K miles i need some comments below please: 1. to the present mileage above, is there a need now to check/adjust the tuppet clearance? 2. is adjusting the tuppet clearance will help improve the performance? thanks to all
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