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  1. I find that the car is less likely to stall in difficult snow manoeuvring if the 4WD is locked on. I read somewhere in a review that the 4WD lock button locked the differential, implying that nearside and offside wheels would be locked which seems highly unlikely. Is that the case or does the button just lock in the 4WD?
  2. Hi I've just joined after getting a 4WD Urban Cruiser earlier this year. I need a 4WD as our road is narrow, steep and winding and although snow-ploughed is seldom gritted. I was attracted by the low CO2 emissions compared to other 4WDs. The snow has been here for several weeks now and the car is performing very well. I put a bit of extra weight in the back seat area for grip but don't have snow tyres and the car has not faltered in a range of ice and wet snow conditions. Yet to see how it fares on unploughed road with drifts.