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  1. meloned

    Oil what type?

    I’ve been thinking about doing that but you get some much different opinions on the subject of flushing the engine but I think I will try next change thanks . Ps what flush did you use ? Regards
  2. meloned

    Oil what type?

    Quick update I noticed I kept my foot on the accelerator when starting (old habit ). And started not putting my foot on the accelerator has possibly made that difference on start up noise as less engine revs means engine not moving as fast ? Going to keep an eye (ear) on it . Keep ya posted cheers
  3. meloned

    Oil what type?

    Hi I’ve changed the oil and filter today , used total quartz 9000 5/30 I’ll let you know if this resolves the problem tomorrow fingers crossed 🤞
  4. meloned

    Oil what type?

    Thanks it’s the 1NR-FE engine with 109000 on the clock so I’ll try 5/30 fully synthetic soon ,will let you know if it cures it .
  5. meloned

    Oil what type?

    Thanks it’s the 1NR-FE engine with 109000 on the clock so I’ll try 5/30 fully synthetic soon ,will let you know if it cures it .
  6. Hi folks changed my oil and filter last week with 0/20 fully synthetic. Problem is because it’s so thin there is a slight rattle on first start about half a second, didn’t before as I think previous owner used thicker oil ? I’m thinking of using 5/30 would you? Cheers Toyota Yaris 1.33vvti 2009
  7. Hi folks wondering what’s your opinions on this and if anyone has experience of these Ecu chips on eBay product number 21022403701 ,brand ProRacing they cost £77 ? ProRacing® Digital ChipTuning Box CS2 dedicated to Toyota petrol, diesel and LPG powered engines
  8. Many thanks for everyones help on this cheers.
  9. Hi would you know what year the map was by any chance?
  10. Hi just wondering if I updated the disc to the 2014/2015 would it make the sat nav have a full postcode operating system (sure ì read it on here some where ) and would there be any other good things it will ad apart from the new road system cheers for any help on this matter. Toyota avensis b9010 2007 .
  11. Many thanks for your help on this matter !
  12. Hi just looked at my fuses and was a bit confused with what size/type they are micro etc , going to piggy back of one of them for the dash cam so really need to know what type thanks for any help on this matter ! meloned
  13. Will take your advice had the tracking done a few months ago and the steering wheel is central so will check again cheers
  14. Many thanks looks okay to get at will try to make sure that it is the switch before hand though
  15. when the wife indicates left it takes a fair bit of turning before turning it off? I have seen the indicators on eBay at a reasonable price but I have searched every where to find out how to replace one ? Would anyone have any clues of how to replace it cheers for any help . Toyota t25 2007 1.8