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  1. Cheers, no idea where i'd get a scope from, so I'll start with the wheel bearings
  2. Hi, Looking for a O/S 2003 Rav4 from bumper wheel arch extension in grey, this is the pre update model so I'm guessing 2001 to 2003 will fit? Cheers
  3. Hi All, being driven to a mental break down and empty bank account with the ABS on our 2003 SWB Rav 4, the brake pedal "flutters" on light braking and the brakes go into ABS mode, even on perfectly level good surfaces!! To date I've: Replaced all the wheel sensors Replaced the ignition switch Replaced the Yaw Sensor Sent the ABS module away for testing (it was fine) Replaced the brake fluid and re-bled the systems on more than one occasion Fitted a new reluctor ring to one wheel (rear near side) as the original was cracked! In short everything that can be replaced has been Whilst all this has slightly improved the symptoms it's never cured it, any ideas before I scrap the car? Cheers
  4. Hi all, Had an issuew with the Rav4 last weekend, the NSF brake seemed to be sticking on our way home from Portsmouth to Plymouth. Had chance to take the front brakes apart this weekend and its seems that the NS caliper piston maybe sticking as the pins are free and move easily. The disk is also a little more worn on the NS so I'm guessing its been happening for a while. The pistons on the front calipers seemed a real mare to move, is there something I need to release before I try and push them back in? Can I get a recon caliper, if so where from? One last point the disk seems to be held on by the road wheel, is this correct? Cheers Blues
  5. Hi looking for a pair of side steps with fitting kit and a towbar for a 2003 SWB Rav4, I'm down in Plymouth but I am sure we can reach an agreement. Cheers Blues
  6. Hi, we're looking for some side steps for our 2003 SWB Rav4, are some better than others? Oh and a towbar if you know anyone with one... Cheers Blues