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  1. same with diesels even with fan on
  2. Hi and welcome to TOC Supporting what others have said here the review on the whole is very inaccurate and ambiguous. Also as a review limited lot more detail needed on say performance and why the turbodiesel is expensive as that story isn't so black and white [yes 2.2D4d have head gasket failure, but provided you can prove you have looked after the car Mr T extended the warranty and will replace it free of charge so really only costs you on time of being without a car] etc, it comes across as just info you have pulled from the net and not a car you have owned for some time. Sorry for downbeat message but please take it as constructive criticism.
  3. mpg sounds about right slightly of topic, but I agree with both Pete and Heidfirst, I've gone back to a petrol car [prefer the engine noise] but miss the torque, as my miles have dropped over the past year and also with a caution of the possibility of fear if you like, of the cost of replacement parts as they get older
  4. Jas16

    My Avensis

    Always love coming across such topics. Great new buy and hopefully many years of good motoring to come Please update with pics where possible, it would be nice to see a transition :)
  5. Jas16


    yep, mine too, due a change of fluid but similar difficulty getting into 1st when cold. Gearbox doesn't like to be hurried either. I have been told, by Ford mechanic, that sometimes the fault lies with the driver being to forceful, ie to get into first, pushing the lever as far to the left then pushing it forward rather than being a bit gentle, I am certainly guilty of that as I had difficulty getting the diesel Focus into 1st not matter how hot/cold the oil was,
  6. Jas16


    sorry can't really be more precise help, have to spoken to Mr T over the phone as to what they can suggest? other than that, await other members to pitch in,
  7. OK haven't done this myself, but at the minute looking to retrofit heated rear seats on my volvo S70, and using google found that the wiring loom may exist (not sure where the plugs are on the Avensis, but would guess following the connections for the electric seat and seeing if there is an empty connector and also check your fuse box for the right fuse). Then to fit one, would involve having to take the seat apart. this means (the way I am looking to do it) finding a car seat in a scrapyard and just swapping it over, or by removing the leather seat cover and installing a heating matt and connecting it with the spare connector. There is something I have read about a thermostat setting so that the seat doesn't just just warmer and warmer, that I don't know about Hope this is a start, but would guess on an Avensis , since it wasn't a popular option for a 2004 car, then your options would be limited. Finally you could speak to someone who does upholstery and see what the professional has got to say Edit: Stand to be corrected
  8. Jas16


    agree with Pete on this, changing the oil might help, but look at the cables also. I'm assuming the difficulty stays when the car has just been started (common) and after its warmed up (not common), could you clarify? Thanks
  9. I've heard of the road theory as to a car veering to the left, but other than wheel alignment can't add much else. Tank range, I've found the Avensis to be very generous on the reserve amount, but if your main driving is town only that that would sound reasonable. Mine was split 60:40 motorway:town, hence my average range was ~610 but at most I could only re-fill ~54litres The divider may be sourced from ebay (?) don't know how much Mr T would charge as an extra. Don't worry about the niggles and let it detract from the overall experience. Every car has its own niggles as such and I know its annoying but touchwood the car will be fine for the future
  10. glad to hear all is well now. silly question, i have a 2006 car, where is the obd II port? thanks
  11. Haven't driven a petrol version, but my diesel one is neither light nor heavy. Don't know if changing the fluid may help. Previously I have associated heavy clutches with a sign that the clutch is about to go, although I cannot confirm this time. This was back with a petrol Escort with a cable operated clutch
  12. Mine does that too, between 1st and 2nd. Haven't done it yet, but I believe changing the oil might help
  13. Jas16

    Front Brakes

    I would support Pete on this one, each to their own though, I have always used a bit of copper grease on the back of pads during installation on cars and motorbikes, never had any issues as I believed it would eliminate any squeeky noise during use
  14. glad to hear all worked out well with you and you got the desired end result pain-free
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