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  1. Happy Birthday Carina_!

  2. It is on the light up dash display. That reads how many miles you've done, when it needs a service etc... Would there be a problem with that, you think?
  3. I have a 2007 Toyota Avensis D4D T4 2.2 Turbo Diesel Only recently, after all of the cold weather. That the fuel consumption has dropped dramatically. It would be on about 70mpg and then go down to 50-40mpg throughout the day. Now, we have never had any problems with the car fuel size since the engine was re-built. I have been told this could be the sender and it may be faulty or broken. I was wondering what you guys think? Any answers would be a great help. Thank you ever so much, Carina_
  4. Same car as before if people had read the previous thread i posted about the car.. Squeaking rear-end it sorted. It was the brake pad indicators that were catching on the disc. The pads were 90% worn, and it was a warning to us that they needed doing, so that is sorted now! Since bringing the car back from John Roe Toyota in Grimsby, we have had nothing but problems! Problem 1; When you steer left, even just a small amount of lock there is a grinding noise. And you can feel it through the car like a vibration. I don't know what to do as it is an electric system and doesn't need power steering
  5. Went into the Toyota garage the other day, and had a word with the service department. Booked in for Wednesday, and will all be sorted (hopefully). The squeaking or squealing noise was the brake pad indicators. I did not realize that these cars had them. But they will be sorted at around the same time. It's just the pads getting to low, and the warning indicator was catching on the disc and making that noise. And I thought it was coming from the suspension
  6. I have read up on that and they're within the life. The engine was re-built a few months ago due to fuel burning problems (huge blue smoke coming from the exhaust), and the engine was re-built. I would have thought that they would have renewed the seals for the injectors. Also, the diesel is going all over the engine cover and fuel rail. I am going to be checking this in a few days as I will have access to a ramp and will put it on there, and see what the problem is with the suspension and check over the injectors and everything whilst I have access. I shall take some better quality pictures
  7. Own a 2007 Toyota Avensis 2.2 Turbo Diesel D4-D T4. And here are my problems... I don't know if this is just a thing that happens with these cars, or if it is a problem. But around the injector seals there is fuel that is leaking and it's going all over the engine bay. I really don't think this is meant to happen as every time that you drive it, there is more and more of it. I was told that it could be the seals that were broken or worn. And that there might have been a re-call for this problem. I don't know if there was, but did anyone else have this problem? This problem has been getting wor
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