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  1. hey dude . cheers yea it has got the auto box still debating wether to swap it out for a manual box . or a different engine all together?? i am looking and thinking of putting a 3.5 v8 rover engine in it? decisions decisions im part restoring it and part modifying it, taking insparation from euro styling and hot rod styling. so its going to be something completly different. will keep you posted
  2. hey dude easiest way to check the problem . make a makeshift bulb tester with 2 pieces of wire and a bulb holder with a bulb in it . . . well take the negative wire off the battery (leaving the positive on the battery) connect the bulb tester between these (bridge the negative terminals) then the bulb should light up . upon this go through each fuse individually taking them out and putting them back in, once the bulb goes out that is the circuit loosing power, thus investiagting upon that circuitry whats loosing power . hope this helps mike
  3. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?app=gallery&module=user&user=102864&do=view_album&album=1287 link to gallery
  4. mikiep

    1980 carina project

    my 1980 carina in a ongoing work progress !!
  5. yea guna try them next week sometime . went to my local cap parts shop we get on really well with and he couldnt get anything, well see what toyota can come up with :)
  6. hey people im new to this site as i just recently acquired a 1980 old W reg carina , done some work on it and still going . . well what problem i have got . im looking for bushes and cant find anything . ive found anti roll link bars on ebay but nothing for suspension, trailing arms etc etc could anyone help me please , has anyone managed to get bushes for there 80's carina if so WHEREEEE cheers mike
  7. hi there people , my name is mike im 24 from bristol UK . . . i recently acquired a 1980 carina needs some work doing but am slowly getting through it . will get pictures etc up soon well hope everyone is good and had a good xmas mike
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