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  1. as above is the wheel bearing in a tsport the same as all other e12s both petrol and diesel? are the e12s the same as e11 and e10?
  2. becuase the plastic fan part is turning freely, Also when i fitted it I could hear it knock itself off after about 30 seconds or so. Heard a faint click. This was about 2-3 weeks ago so unless it failed like the day after I put it in then I dont think its the pump. What is the name of that valve component that the pipe leads into from the air pump (the one near the abs pump). What is the best way to take that apart to clean it and what should I use to clean it? If my CAT converter was damaged would it effect it? (almost certain it isnt though as i passed the Irish MOT here with flying colours with regards emissions and that was maybe 5 months ago) not getting any o2 air sensor faults just the p0410
  3. yes, the pump itself isnt the problem, and yes i reset ecu, light went off for a few days but its back again. I think i might have a small hole in the exhaust (to be confirmed), would that effect anything
  4. anyone? replaced my pump, replaced fuse, still getting the p0410 fault code for the air pump
  5. will a 2003 Toyota Matrix ECU work on a 2005 corolla t-sport? I have the P0410 secondary air pump code and it does not want to go away. I replaced the pump with a 2nd hand one this weekend that i tested before hand to make sure it was working which it was. It turns on for about 30 seconds and was fine, but today the EML came back on with the same P0410 code. I cleaned out all hoses and replaced the 50amp fuse but the code still remains. I am at a loss as to what the problem is. So i am wondering would it be easier at this stage to swap the ECU's as I don't think the Matrix's had this stupid emissions system???? I am not sure on this
  6. can someone post a pic of there fuse box please....the one in the engine bay...
  7. bump, anyone help me in locating this? kinda missing traction control in the wet weather
  8. im using pirelli p1's the last 4 months, find them a great tyre but were pricey at 120 euro each. had uniroyal rainsports on my superstrut levin before, found them fantastic, that car would go around any corner at any speed
  9. anyone know where the fuse is for the secondary air pump in the t-sport corollas? Also anyone got a working pump for sale that can send to Ireland?
  10. anyone used one of these for the corolla t sport and is it worth the €60. is there any gains at all? How can i get more power from my t-sport? http://www.ebay.ie/itm/TOYOTA-COROLLA-IX-1-4-1-6-1-8-01-07-K-N-HIGH-FLOW-AIR-FILTER-ELEMENT-33-2252-/311353800847?hash=item487e21f88f:m:m7in5oyIpSYIKTDUSJHMXVQ
  11. the brakes on a tpsort are a different set up to the youtube videos. link still doesnt work but got one side sorted today anyway. need to get a new lock nut key as the other side is ridiculously tight and the key must be slightly worn as it wont budge. Can these be got from toyota or anywhere online or is there universal keys?
  12. i seen that but i want to change the actual handbrake shoes. the link within that post on how to do it wont display for me. it says 404 not found. anyone have a haynes manual or know if it tells you how to change them
  13. is there a guide to change the rear brake shoes
  14. Hi, Anyone used a k&n or a Blitz panel filter (the one to fit into standard air box not the induction kit) Are they worth the money? where did you notice the gains?
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