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  1. Thank you so much fro responding, as Toyota don't want to know that they have sold an inadequate solution with a new vehicle. The repair fluid was supplied as new with the Rav 4, which doesn't work, and Customer Care Statement is that a Toyota Garage will repair it. So is it fair to say that Toyota Garages could be putting us at risk repairing something that the rest of the industry will not. I contact three national companies that day they all said its against company policy. Its not as though they had a new tyre to fit for me, it took me 6 tyre garages later to find someone with one. How do you get Toyota to stand up to this mistake ????
  2. Please could someone shine some light on the following issue I have faced, as Toyota Customer Care don't want to know. Well last week, getting ride of my BMW 335 fro a brand new Rav 4 was the best thing I have done for work, with 4 wheel drive!! BUT Very disappointed with the spare wheel issue !! (NOT ONE) I had a puncher last week, simple small nail in the tread of the tyre, to which I had to keep the air in it long enough to get to the garage open in the snow. I followed the instructions to use the repair kit, which didn't work?? I got to the tyre place after a mid way blow up ! only to find, that as I had used the repair kit, then it was standard policy that (even though the tyre was repair at £15) I couldn't have it repaired and needed a new one. I checked this with four garages and got the same answer ! A £15 repair, cost me £129 to get me going again. I rang Toyota customer care, and they said they would ring me back that day… A week later they rang me back only to say, there we are then. Move on!!!! The customer care person Matt, was obstructive, and kept over talking me and not letting me finish, and basically nothing they can do. A manager is suppose to be calling me back, but if I am luck to get a call, it could take another week. So in short, if your broken down with a simple repairable puncture on the motorway, you can have a go at the repair kit that doesn't work, and cost you a new tyre, or call the AA to get you towed, just for a puncture !!!!! Toyota Customer services manage has just called me back, saying case closed and they will not discuss the matter any further !!!!! Why is it nobody once to know once you have bought a car from them, but are all friends when you are looking to buy!! Will anybody from Toyota come back to me with a response on which I think is a problem with the rave 4 ?
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