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  1. The rear washer motor sounds like it's working when it is switched on but no water comes out. the front washer works just fine. any ideas? Fuse / motor / blocked tubes? Thanks
  2. I have also wondered how to improve the harsh crashing ride in our 2007 1.8 vvti on 16" wheels. Tried various tyre brands over the years and different pressures and not noticed any real improvement. I guess at 160,000 miles the bushes? and suspension are a bit shot which won't help. Probably not worth changing now as I will maybe change car within the next 12 months. Would be interested if you can change to 15" wheels though. What about insurance , would you have to tell them?
  3. 2 months on update. It wasn't the cat that was causing the engine fault after all. Some cataclean was added and then the cat tested fine. The codes were reset and light went out only to reappear 3 days later. The car runs completely normally and the engine is as smooth as ever. Our mechanic says just ignore light as it is likely a slightly sensitive sensor with some water ingress that is setting it off. I intend to keep on driving it now and see what happens at the next MOT next January. In the meantime I have good breakdown cover :-)
  4. Turns out it's the catalytic converter, oh b*ll*x! Must have gotten damaged during the misfire and when the O2 sensor was out of action possibly? Mechanic says that it will be 'expensive' to replace so on a 10 year old 160k mile MPV then yes, probably not worth it. So maybe thinking that if I can drive it with a broken CAT until the MOT then look for a replacement in the mean time. Any idea how long it might run with a failed CAT?
  5. Maybe posted this too soon - the engine management light came on again today , D'oh! Oh well, taking back into have it diagnosed Wed or Thursday. Hopefully nothing too expensive. Could be the other coil packs, maybe should have had all 4 done at the same time?
  6. Our 1.8 vvti 2007 model has now done 157,000 miles and things are starting to fail. This is not surprising but I wonder how many components I should expect to replace in the next year or two? It is serviced annually we do between 15-20k miles a year. Nothing has needed doing until at 140k miles we did the clutch, then two weeks ago two of the ignition coil packs failed taking the lambda sensor with it as well. Now all replaced. Air-con packed up and suspect leak so not fixing that. Engine is running as sweet as ever and can get 35-45 mpg depending on the trip. Car's not worth much if traded or sold but worth a lot more to me, so I plan to keep replacing failed items at £200-£300 a pop and keep it going until a really major thing goes wrong or it fails mot etc. How much should I spend keeping it running per year - and how do you calculate the economical cut-off point when running older high mileage cars? Also, is 157k miles a lot for a 1.8vvti? What mileage have other Verso owners managed (I guess diesels do more)?
  7. Really want the Icon or Icon plus but these are significantly more. I'll see what the civic quote is and then decide. Dashboard on civic might be too spaceship like for my better half, not saying she can't do tech but doesn't like change and at the moment we have a verso and a yaris
  8. Hi, My wife works for the NHS and has recently been told of their new company car scheme. I've sought some quotes on her behalf (she doesn't mind as long as it is red and reliable ) and have worked out that the Auris 1.33 Active is especially good value - a bit basic I accept but I am still comparing cars (Civic and the Skoda Rapid Spaceback or Fabia Estate). The thing is I can't quite believe the quote (see attachment) Auris vs Skoda quotes.pdf Salary sacrifice quote for Auris.pdf Does anyone know what this means? It seems very cheap if this is the true cost per month. I suspect it is more complicated than this and I appreciate it has to do with the car's CO2 and list price and also that pensions can be affected, but I was wanting to replace our 1.8 vvt-i Verso 2007 with 110k miles on for something newer and smaller soon anyway. Thanks
  9. I think the 1.8 petrol would be a better bet for your usage and budget, For £3k you can get a 2006/07 model sub 100k mile T3 which is actually very highly specced. (cruise, climate, rain sensing wipers, chromatic mirror, all ectric windows etc) Honest John review with recalls and good+bad here: http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar/toyota/corolla-verso-2004/?section=good The 1.8 did suffer from high oil consumption but this was resolved from July 2005 I think (we have not had this problem). I have a 2007 1.8 VVTi with 105,000 miles (80k covered in 4 years we have had it). Modest sized practical car with plenty of space and robustly built. Ride is notoriously harsh (best with full load) and a shock absorber went last year but nothing else has gone wrong, starts first time. Probably has averaged 35-40 mpg with much of the 80k miles doing short town runs so not too bad really. Not very fast but for family transport it is fine. Chain-cam engine seems bullet proof. Reversing view is not great and turning circle is larger than some cars. Overall though I would suggest for an older MPV the Verso would be my choice over a Pug or Citroen or indeed a VW of the same age and mileage. Good luck
  10. I think I can solve this mystery! I just happen to have Verso brochures from 2009 and 2010 as I plan to buy one in the future of this age (can't afford one just yet). The very first batch (12 month production run?) of these new shaped Versos have slightly different equipment to the newer equivalent specs. Two of the things I did notice that the TR used to have was manual air-con and no panaramic sun roof. Also, the combined mpg was 51.1 and now is 53.3. I would say this is a T3 (it has alloy wheels, fog lamps etc) but is one of the earlier models. Hope this clears things up (and I do have a life!) ;)
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