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  1. I bought a new switch from Toyota (I think it was about £50) and street I fitted it, it's all been fine.
  2. Yes, the button on the tailgate itself seems to be an electrical switch. When I press this, nothing happens. There is information in the manual about releasing from the inside but I am trying to fix the actual problem. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I have a 57 plate Avensis estate which has what seems to be an electronic boot release. When I try and open the boot I depress the button but nothing happens (no noise or anything). Since it is an electrical release there must be a fuse somewhere and this will be my first port of call. However, looking in the manual I can't seem to find it mentioned anywhere. Can anyone tell me where the fuse is or give any other advice? Thanks!
  4. elziko

    Oil Maint Reqd

    The garage told me they were going to do an oil change and the labour appeared on my invoice along with the oil itself and a filter. They're a pretty trustworthy independent garage so I'm inclined to think that they did but perhaps forgot to reset the counter. Yup, I checked the level and it was fine. I think I'm just going to do a reset on the warning and then forget about it unless the warning comes back on again. If the ECU is using a metric other then distance travelled then the warning should come back on after the reset if there is something wrong. Well. that's my thinking anyway! Thanks for the advice!
  5. elziko

    Oil Maint Reqd

    The MIL is not on, it's just the "Oil Maint Reqd" message. Should I expect to be able to read a code? Well an intermediate service is every 10K miles and a full service is every 20K miles. Looking at my service book, it seems that I had a service at 110445 miles and now I have done 130553 miles. So if the "Oil Maint Reqd" message is purely based on distance then it does look like they forgot to reset it at 122K miles and I can safely ignore it for another couple of thousand of miles. However, if the "Oil Maint Reqd" warning comes on due to some sort of explicit measurement in the ECU then I might have a problem. Does anyone know if the "Oil Maint Reqd" warning is based on any measurements other than mileage?
  6. The "Oil Maint Reqd" message has just been displayed in my '57 Avensis 2.2 D4D. Can someone tell me exactly how the engine management decides that an oil change is required? Is it purely based on the number of miles? If so, it is not indicative of any serious problems. The reason I ask is because I had the oil & filter changed at 122,000 miles (when my engine was re-skimmed due to a head gasket failure) and now the warning has come on about 8,000 miles later, which seems early. Thanks!
  7. I'd imagine that Toyota were doing more work than needed and that your local garage was doing just an oil & filter change. I'd suggest looking at the service schedule and asking both garages to quote for exactly what it specifies needs to be done at the 100K service, nothing else, unless there are extra items you want doing.
  8. I think he was suggesting that if you had a cheap tuning box fitted then it may be causing these problems. You need to get an ODB2 code reader plugged in which will read an error code that will tell you where to start looking for the problem. I believe the most common cause of these lights on an Avensis is a faulty EGR valve. I also have a 57 plate Avensis (although much higher mileage) and had the same lights. Cleaning the EGR valve did not help, replacing it did.
  9. I have a rule not to correct people on the internet - but... No, £7.35 divided by 500 is 1.47 pence. The Cav was essentially saying that the price he paid for his non Toyota filter was five times less than the price he was quoted for a genuine filter. Your maths isn't helping! ;)
  10. 500% of £7.35 is £36.75.
  11. Well, the lights haven't returned but when the garage plugged in their ODB2 reader there were no codes to be read. I suppose I'll just have to keep my eyes open for the lights coming on again.
  12. Well the lights have now all gone off. Perhaps it had something to do with being sat in the garage for a long time without being used apart from the occasional test drive? I was supposed to take it to the garage tomorrow morning to get it looked at. Can you still read a fault code after it has cleared itself? I may just wait to see if the lights come back on. Glad to hear my sat nav is working normally but I find it rediculous! Thanks
  13. Yesterday I purchased a 57 plate Avensis estate with 114K miles on the clock. Mint condition throughout apart from a few chips on the bonnet, it's obviously just done a lot of motorway miles as it was previously a fleet vehicle. Full Toyota service history. Unfortunately I have already come up against a problem with it. The engine malfunction, traction control off and VSC warning lights are permanently lit. The malfunction light comes on as soon as the engine is started and the other two shortly after. I didn't notice them on the test drive - maybe I missed them. I have seen another similar thread with a few ideas and I'll be taking it back to where I bught it tomorrow to get the code read. However, the other things I noticed is that the sat nav is asking me to confirm that I will drive safely every time I start the car. I assume this is not normal? Is it possible that the sat nav issue is indicative of a flat battery which is in turn causing the other lights to come on? All electric windows etc. work fine and it starts OK. I suppose I'm just hoping this is something simple.
  14. Ok, thanks, that's really helpful. Happy New Year :-)
  15. Oh, that's great, thanks!