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  1. Hi I have a great 1997 mint green paseo which is just on the 100,000 mile mark. Does anyone know the minimum wear allowed on the brake disc's and shoes required for mot. Also the windscreen wash hose to bonnet has become undone, whats the best access point to reconnect. Thanks Tugg Perth scotland
  2. Hi can anyone suggest where I can find the best repair manual for the paseo, I dont think your bog standard haynes cuts the mustard.
  3. Can anyone suggest the best repair manual for the paseo , thanks
  4. Hi does anyone know the best place to order toyota paseo bonnet hinges, High winds tore bonnet off after hitting a pot hole, miraculously the bonnet traveled 40 yards and only has minor scuffs. all help appreciated she a great runner with only a 104,000 on the clock for a p reg, and i need to give her some tlc. thanks tugg tugg39@msn.com
  5. Once again fellas thanks for the help, new exhaust is top notch. got hold of 4 goodyear eagle ventura tyres at £34 from auto trader uk. made a total difference to the cars handling. I'm getting addicted to spending money on this thing!
  6. thanks for the help guys just got full powerflow system fitted for £315. and it's a cracking job, i'd definatley recommend them. there at www.sportsc****rvices.co.uk now i've started i've got the bugg to glitz up the rest of the car. anyone got any clues with these items induction tyres and wheels best spark plugs to use best oil to use lights(as my main beam seems dim) basically whats the best way to fix the wifes dream motor up with my hard earned cash! I'm a sad Royal Navy marine engineer who likes building things for other people to wreck TA
  7. anyone got any links to online maintenance manuals for a p reg seo.
  8. hi guys just had quote of £300 for full custom system from power flow, thats a wee bit cheaper than £591 from toyota for just the front end. but then they did say for that price they'd fit it
  9. Cheers for the help guys i didnt realise that you could disconnect the exhaust from the cat to the back box connection. i'm going to see about a custom made job, it's the wifes car and only has 47,000 on the clock for a p reg so it's worth the money. I'm glad i joined and i'll dfinatley be back. thanks from perth scotland. tugg
  10. Hi I'm new to this site, can anyone help me with finding a toyota paseo exhaust system for a p reg. model cant seem to find one anyplace except toyota. thanks
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