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  1. Thanks for the info. Mr T in France want €300 for both bits, so will now be trawling breakers yards to try and find a second hand unit.
  2. Passenger side of a rhd car. Cheers
  3. Can anyone help me in tracking down one of these. I'm in France and the Mr T garage claim that my model, the xt3, doesn't exist and they can't order me a replacement part. I'm looking for the complete mirror unit with electric motors and heated mirror, preferably with the cover painted in silver for a 2004 4.2 xt3 d4d, 5 door manual. I would also be really grateful if someone could send me a link to a guide for changing the wing mirror or give me some general tips on what's involved. Is the connector behind the triangular panel or do i have to remove the door card to get to it? Cheers in adva
  4. It's a 54 plate xt3. I'll have a look for the part number tomorrow.
  5. I'm pretty sure that when i purchased my Rav4 it had a tow bar as i remember thinking how handy it could be. Last week i went to buy a trailer and was surprised to find that my tow bar was missing. I'm now trying to find the removable bit that fits this as i don't want to have to buy a whole new kit. The brand is Brink of Europe, but i don't know the model number. Anyone know if it's possible to purchase just the removable ball bit?
  6. I'm still having issues with it, but it's a lot better than before. I haven't had any vsc light come on for a while, and it is at least fairly consistent now with losing power at about 2500-2750 rpm in 5th and fuel economy suddenly going through the roof. That should make it easier for the garage to diagnose and fix, I just need to find the time to get it to a garage. Just wanted to add one more detail to help with online diagnosis by you wise and wonderful Rav 4 folk. When I put my foot down and the problem occurs, when I lift off I get a kind of judder from the engine, like you would get i
  7. I am beginning to think that it was a bad tank of fuel. I've since added a bottle of additive to try an clean out the injectors and am on my 3rd tank of fuel since the problem started and things seem to be improving. The thing that I really can't get my head around is the sudden loss of fuel efficiency when I get the power loss. I can be cruising along at 60 with the instantaneous mpg reading 45 and then just increase speed a tiny amount, get power loss and mpg drops to between 15 and 20 mpg. Could this be caused by an injector problem where the fuel is pouring in instead of being sprayed or
  8. Looks like the threat of me taking a spanner to my Rav scared it into working for a few days. Today however the problem is worse, with really weird symptoms. My VSC light came on when I was idling. I now have very little power and it struggles whenever I put my foot down, no matter what speed or gear I'm in or how many revs I'm doing. Sometimes it will suddenly jump into life and will drive like normal for a few miles, then I'll suddenly lose power. What I find weird is that if it was something like egr or scv stuck then I wouldn't expect the sudden power loss (because if a valve was sticking
  9. Anyone ever ordered scv's from alibaba? When I type part number 04221-27011 into google I get links to alibaba to what look like genuine scv's for a toyota. Seems like I could get them for about £100 delivered compared to hearly €300 for them in France.
  10. I'll get the SCV's off this weekend and give them a clean and hit them with 12 volts to see if it makes any difference. The weird thing is that it seems to be worse when the engine is warm. This morning on the way to work it let me get a little more power, so was able to get to 2750rpm in 5th and hit an eye watering 120km/h. On uphills when I need a bit of power it still cuts out below 2000rpm sometimes. As all the garages in france are now closed until about the middle of january I have to try and sort this out myself and really don't want to have to take my car to mr T.
  11. I replaced the fuel filter already and I've had the EGR off and given it a clean. Tried a tank of decent diesel and even some additive to see if that improves things, but it didn't. Last week before I changed the fuel filter I had a warning light and the code was something like fuel pump control, but I can't remember the exact code, maybe something like 6027. The guy at the garage thought it might have been the fuel filter, so that's why I changed it first. Don't really have the time or money to go back to the garage at the moment as i need my car for work.
  12. I've got a strange problem of being limited to 2500rpm in 5th gear. It revs fine all the way through 1st and 2nd, then limits power at 3000rpm in 3rd, 2500rpm in 4th and 2250rpm in 5th. I'm thinking maybe turbo issues, but hoping it's something cheaper like SCV. My fuel consumption has jumped massively as well. Not what I needed just before Christmas! Cheers for any suggestions.
  13. Hi all, I'm having the fairly common problem of loss of power/surging above 2250rpm. I have relatively recently had fuel filter and injectors changed, so don't think it's that. Today I removed and cleaned the EGR valve, which was quite black, but that didn't make a difference. On removing the EGR I noticed that the component next to it which has loads of small (air?) hoses going to it seems to have blown a gasket as their is black gunk all around it. I don't have a manual, so don't know what this component is, SCV maybe? Could this be causing my power issues? I'm waiting to finish the tank of
  14. Thanks Anchorman, I'll have a look at that this weekend.
  15. The battery voltage is good and the voltage from the alternator is good. The battery was only changed about 5 weeks ago. I'm actually an aircraft avionics technician/electrician, but have no interest in cars whatsoever and always just take it to the garage if it goes wrong. Until I got my RAV 4, I've always had really reliable cars, but this D4D engine just seems to blow goats. I've tried waiting 5 seconds after the light goes out and it doesn't make any difference either. Is testing the glow plugs as simple as getting access to them and checking the resistance across it? If so, can someone t
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