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  1. I have liked these for a while but can`t justify spending £400 on them
  2. Hi I am thinking of selling my car to get some extra cash for xmas and expand my business among other things but every single one I see these days has been modified or played about with or is high millage. Mine is mint totally standard appart from front splitter and is in a rare mica green colour looks mint because it is. Car has only done 48000miles and have proof of this. What should I accept to get for it and where would be best to advertise as I want a quick sale but don`t want to be ripped off. I have seen ones similar millage to mine going for silly money trade but there are so many prices about I don`t know where to start. Cheers
  3. yes that`s what i was thinking i have ordered the stuff to do that so will hopefully get it done this week. how do i check the mount is it an gearbox out job? thank you
  4. Hi I have been having a bit of trouble with my car it`s basically not going int gear when I thrash it a bit the higher the revs the harder it is to chance gear i basically have to coast between changes to allow the revs to come down before it will even go into gear. I read this was a common problem on the older models but have`nt seen much in regards to my model. Was told it might be my clutch but it does`nt slip at all and previous owner swears it was changed about 5k ago also feels more like a gearbox problem than clutch. Have also been told to change the gearbox oil but I don`t see how it could stop it going into gear at higher revs. Any help and rough guides of cost would be appreciated as it`s fine in lower revs. Thank You
  5. Is there a difference between the models as I have seen a few for the 185 version a lot cheaper. If they are the same size but different mountings could weld them on but was wondering if their the same shape.
  6. That`s not good at all thanks for that 17" for me then :)
  7. Ok thank you what size tyres would yu recomend fr 17`s? Thank you
  8. Hi it`s payday tomorrow and have found my wheels and am ready to buy but there is only a 100 pound diffrence between the 18 and 17 inch sizes. I have been told 18`s might make it handle worse if so how much difference will I see will it be a massive or unsafe difference because if it`s only a slight difrence I might get the 18`s. cheers
  9. I might try and take the runners off both seats and weld the GT4 ones onto the new seats it might be simpler in the end than messing about I fitted some buckets into an old Mitsubishi FTO I had and this was a nightmare because the runners were off quite a bit and one side was higher than the other never again lol
  10. Ok mate thank you I`ll see which I prefer then might as well if I have to weld them anyway. Is it a massive job as I have a welder and im not totally useless on it do I need anything fabricated? Thank you again your very helpfull fair play
  11. Also are the door cards the same as I can get the seats and leather door cards :)
  12. Hi I had a topic last week regarding puting celica vvti seats into my GT4 I had a few saying back was fine but front would need welding etc. I was wondering if the old MR2 model with leather seats if they would bolt straight into mine because they were from the same time and if so I was going to get a rear seat of a celica vvti and just bolt that in and then get the front seats from a mr2 and bolt them in no welding needed. Anyone know if this is possible my main budget is going on wheels so I want decent seeats but not spend much on fitting it possible. Thank You