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  1. In case it's not clear why I'm requesting a new sub-forum, the VERSO-S is a new model, and a completely different model to the Verso. Please see this link Whilst the current Verso is based on the Corolla, the all new VERSO-S being launched for sale on an "11" plate from 1st March 2011, is based on the Yaris. Please can you set up a VERSO-S CLUB?
  2. Dear Forum Mods, Please can you open up a new Model Club for the Verso-S? I had been thinking of purchasing an Approved Used RAV4, but "we've" changed our minds and will now wait for the new Verso-S instead. My local dealer got in touch with Toyota HQ today and allowed me to place an "uncovered order" for a new Verso-S, and took a refundable £250 deposit from me. I'm their first Verso-S customer order. Apparently this should put me in line for a March 2011 delivery on an 11-plate. Otherwise I'd probably end up being in the general queue until June 2011. I'd like to swap information and questions with other TOC members who want to find out more about the Verso-S, its model specifications and options - and maybe place an order. Thanks! There is some information on the Toyota site: Grades Grade Name Key Features Price Verso TR 1.33 Manual15-inch steel wheels Front fog lights Electric front windows Rear view camera 1 touch fold flat seating Vehicle stability and traction control 7 airbags Toyota multi-media system including USB, iPod and Bluetooth Connectivity £13,995* *Price shown includes £650 customer saving. Verso T-Spirit 1.33 Manual16-inch alloy wheels In addition to the above:Panoramic roof Rear privacy glass Electric rear windows £14,995* *Price shown includes £750 customer saving
  3. Anchorman - how would I know if the "build date" is post May 2008 - is there a different engine code? Otherwise, how can one rely on a registration date? e.g. even if a RAV4 was first registered on 01/06/08 that wouldn't guarantee a post May 2008 build date, would it? Is there a definitive way to identify the precise build that you're referring to, please?
  4. Thank you to all for such speedy and expert advice. I'll keep you posted on developments.
  5. Hi All, We've had six previous Toyotas - two of them RAV4s. I currently have a company BMW but am leaving the company soon and we've decided it would be better to own our main car in future. We always liked the RAV4 and so have it on our shortlist. It will have to be used as we want to own it outright, and my maximum budget is about £15,500 to £16,000, although I'd be prepared to spend less . Obviously reliability is important as well as getting good value. Unfortunately I do like extras such as Sat Nav/Bluetooth and heated leather seats, as well as cruise control, and I've had very good examples of these features in my recent BMW and also in my two sucessive Toyota Prius since 2005. I've now been looking at acquiring an XT5 - diesel manual (although I've nothing against automatic) - around 2007, on an 07 plate. We looked at one at a dealer which will be covered under the Toyota approved scheme and the dealer has a sticker price of c£15,995; the car is in good order with one previous owner and a FSH - it's done somewhere in the region of 45K miles. I checked on webuyanycar and, if it were my car they would offer me £12,555. I also ran a check on What Car? and their predicted dealer price was around £13,000, and their suggested trade price was only £10,365. Whichever figures I use from the two websites, there's a big spread between these figures and what the Approved Toyota scheme dealer is asking. So here are my questions: Has the recent winter weather had a dramatic upward impact on dealer asking prices? Are all RAV4s currently scarce, and fetching more than you'd expect? Is the XT5 model particularly scarce/deserving of a premium? What sort of amount is reasonable for a Toyota dealer to work on as margin when offering a car through the approved used car scheme? Is £15,995 over the top? It's on the limit of our budget, but I don't want to pay way over the odds, and would have liked to add some warranty and possibly some detailing/protection product. Any advice will be very welcome. I cannot find another car that fits this spec (XT5 - diesel - manual), nor any other at the same price that beats it either! Thanks in anticipation
  6. Great forum - which I'm glad to be joining. As mentioned in my sub-title, we've had 6 previous Toyotas, including two RAV4s 1994 - 1996 RAV4 3-door (Mrs Notfes) 2000 - 2001 RAV4 5-door Petrol - possibly top of the range (Shared) 2003 - 2005 Avensis Verso (Mr) 2004 - 2005 Yaris (Mrs Notfes) 2005 - 2008 Prius T-Spirit (Mr) 2008 - 2010 Prius T-Spirit (Mr - write/off) I would have ordered another Prius earlier last year after an unfortunate incident with a parked car, but the lease cost on our company Leaseplan scheme had rocketed so I chose a BMW 320D Efficient Dynamics instead as its benefit in kind impact was also very low. I'll be leaving the company soon and will need a replacement car. My wife thinks that a RAV4 would be a good choice - and here I am, enjoing the TOC! Glad to have found you all!