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  1. well... will the ge engines fit my transmission??
  2. I need to know if a 5sfe will mount into the place of a 3sfe in an 87 celica st. I also need to know which one is the better engine? and which I should go with.
  3. isn't the 3sgte an all wheel drive engine... and if so how much would I have to do for an 87 celica st?
  4. does anyone know what I can do to a 3sfe engine in an 87 celica to get more speed and to make it last longer?
  5. I just called toyota and they tell me that the c-52 is for the 3sfe and the s-53 is for the 5sfe. So I think I am just ganna go with the 3sfe engine.
  6. one more question... what cars used the 5sfe engine and how much work will have to be done to my motor mounts??
  7. will the 5sfe fit the trans??
  8. I have a 1987 celica st (US). The original 3sfe has siezed up on me for the second time (200k + miles). So I am ganna replaces it and I was wondering if the 3sgelc from the same year will fit.