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  1. Thanks for all the advice and info. I had a long conversation with the Service Manager of the local Mr T about this and he was willing to drain the tank to show that it did contain 60 litres. Needless to say that I had no gripe with the fuel tank volume, only what the gauge was reading. He did say that there was no method of adjusting the meter reading. On that basis it was not worth pursuing it furthe, so I will just have to live with it. So if the gauge reads half full it really means that it is about 2/3rds full and when the light comes on fully, there are about 18 litres left to totally em
  2. Hi. I am hoping someone can help. I have had an Avensis Business class 2.0D estate for almost a year now. It was first registered by Toyota themselves in March 2016. I had the 2008 model prior to this one. When the fuel light came on in my previous 2.2 diesel, I had something like 60 miles left or under 8 litres left in the tank. With this one when the fuel light comes on permanently I have over 18 litres left. The run down from full to empty happens quickly. If I look at what range I have left on the digital readout at this point, it is about 40 miles. If I do the 40 miles then the readout g
  3. Hi Dave, I can now bring this sorry saga to an end. Got underneath the car yesterday and managed to first get the rubber dust cap off the rear of the sensor (which I thought was No. 2), and the wire spade connector easily came off with it - which made me a bit suspicious. Pushed out the old sensor and put the new sensor onto the end of the wire to check all was OK before putting it back - and it was. Double checked by putting old sensor back on - and it too was OK!!! I think the spade connector had come loose and was giving me the fault and because I thought it was sensor 2 (not sensor 3), s
  4. Dave, Had a productive weekend and identified the fault. Number 2 sensor - not the ecu which we now knew anyway. Found a great guy on ebay (Ice4cars) selling Cobra parts and giving advice. He said that rarely will an ecu go, and even if they did, a new one is about £30 (Mr T's was nearly £70 - and unfortunately will not take it back because it was a special order.) To diagnose fault, unplug the speaker from the ecu, put car into reverse gear with ignition on and then put your ear to each sensor. You will hear it vibrating - which you can. The one that does not vibrate is faulty. To check it i
  5. Dave, Checked the new ecu which I have kept aside at the moment, and no spare connections so I think it must be as they said, plug-and-play. Had a look at similar Cobra units and there is no mention of calibration with them either. Will keep you informed of developments. Ken
  6. Hi Dave, Had a chat with local Mr T this morning and they said that the ecu is plug-and-play and does not need calibrating. They said to try and feel each sensor vibrating with your finger gently on the surface of the sensor when it is in reverse gear with engine off and ignition on. The one that does not vibrate is the faulty one. Did that but cannot feel any vibration from any of them - perhaps my fingers are not very sensitive. Anyway with all the sensors out of the ecu, it makes no difference. Checked the speaker wiring and seems OK. No visible shorting. Avensis due for service in 10 days.
  7. Hi Dave Thanks for info. Unfortunately I have no blue wire. Only the 4 sensor wires, speaker wires and the power connector which links in to the reversing light circuit so the ecu becomes active when the gear stick is put into reverse. No other connector on the ecu box. Never thought about callibrating it though. Perhaps I will have to give Mr T a ring. Ken
  8. I am getting very frustrated as I seem to have got to a dead end. The other day I picked up a 60cm stick sticking out of the curb (yes I live in the country) and it gave the rear wheel arch a heck of a whack. I stopped and had to remove it as it was jammed in the wheel arch. No damage was apparently done to the car, none visible anyway. However, the following morning, reversing the car out of the garage, the reversing sensors just gave a loud constant rhythmic tone. The sensors were fitted 2 years ago by Mr T - a special offer. I trawled the forum for previous advice. Then removed the various
  9. Just picked up the car. The pipe had a split under the battery and the battery and panel had to be removed to access it. Bolt sheared off in the process and was rebuilt. Apparently it was the high pressure pipe. Anyway it is now functioning as it should. Will take it back in a month to check for leaks. Hope that the latest version of the Avensis has a build to protect the pipe. Thanks everyone, for info on this. Ken
  10. Thanks for info Pete. I guess some of the £200 labour might be a charge for the labour in finding the initial problem. I will ask. Because of circumstances I am having it done today at Mr T. I guess I will at least have piece of mind afterwards, even if my pocket is a little more empty. Ken
  11. I had to have the air con system topped up last June for the first time, and during a hot spell last month went to use it again (I had intermittently put it on during the winter), only to find it did not seem to work. Took it to my local Toyota dealer who had it for the day and eventually found that the "bottom pipe" had corroded and had developed a small split which was slowly releasing the gas. Trouble is that the garage wants £360 to do the job - they say 3 hours labour and about £100 for the pipe including VAT. For a car only 5 1/2 years old I don't think that this is really on. Has anyone
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