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  1. Be good to catch up with you all so +1 please Les :D
  2. Thanks for that Garrick but i'm sorted now, have a universal one coming from Fensport. See you there fella
  3. I'll need to fit some Barry as the standard towing eyes are hard to get to, are these ok as fitted onto Tiggers skyline?
  4. I've signed up Barry but 1 question, where do i buy towing eyes that don't stick out of the front or rear of the car
  5. Wibble Show us a pic Crizzle otherwise we will all think it is just Nadim posting
  6. You would seriously pay hard cash for that Jerry?
  7. I've just been busy with work that's all Hol's in 3 1/2 week's, going to move back up to Hedge End as the commute up there for the wife is taking up to 3 hour's thank's to the A32/SW Train's so busy packing at the mo. Had no net access until just before chrimbo but i do pop on every day nigh on and have a quick read before either going to work or going out, just haven't the time to post that's all.
  8. How on earth do you lose a number, did it randomly nip out from your phone one night and go to the pub, pull the barmaid then only to be caught by her hubby so it was on it's toes never to be seen again It's in my sig but i'll remove it by tonight as i'm not going to sell it anymore, not that i tried very hard that is
  9. I'm fine fella, still busy all the time but i have few day's off at the mo As much as you like my driving Andy :P
  10. Ken

    Gt4 Bonnet

    2x3.5"=7" so i'm glad with you about small c***s not measuring up, width wise Leigh off course ;)
  11. Arrrrgh, that is feffing horrible. Front remind's me to much of a maserati(spelling). An Evo is a rally car end off, the bonus to us is we can buy one if we wanted and that is a pile of toss for fat knacker's to blast around b road's thinking they are driving god's thank's to the yawn control. Should have stopped at the 7 Btw i hate it incase you didn't guess that.
  12. 3rd from the left is his Sean ;)
  13. Was great to catch up with you all again, good company, great food plus a few cheeky one's make's for a damn fine night in my book's Right decision to set off a tad early as i got home for 12.15 :D Back to work tonight unfortunately so i'll see you all at some point in the new year
  14. :P :P :P Just myself coming as the missus is in Scarborough unfortunately, old fella know's Les Same here, ouch :fishyface:
  15. Bibbs : Chicken Madras £4.20 Boiled Rice £1.50 Keema Nan £1.60 Onion Bhajee £1.80 + BBQ Total : £16.10 Eddie : +BBQ Total : £7.00 Darryl : Lamb meat dupiaza - £4.20 Chilli Naan - £1.50 +BBQ Total : £12.70 Dave : Chicken Madras £4.20 Boiled Rice £1.50 +BBQ Total : £12.40 And with that final order this is now closed.
  16. Will be offline tonight once i've ordered the curries so i'll see you all there
  17. This thread will be closed at 6pm on friday so if your name is not down and you want to join in then hurry up and let me know
  18. Just a reminder that you have until 6pm this friday to get your order in
  19. Tis fine Fizz due to a few dropouts, Sean your ok as well
  20. Their isn't one Fizz but you can pop your own stuff on first
  21. Can't really leave her under a cover for month's on end after i move :( Tax is until the end of august and mot is until feb 07 btw
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