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  1. The RAV4 is good in fresh snow, I never got beat with mine. Also the early ones with permanent four wheel drive also have four wheel braking when you lift off the throttle. Phil
  2. Just got my Yeti last Thursday, and so far it is more than living up to expectations, dare I say it is a nicer drive than the RAV !! with lots more gadgets on board. If anyone is interested I have advertised my spare RAV4 rear parcel shelf and Haynes manual in the for sale section. Phil
  3. My RAV has gone to pastures new, It will end up at the car auctions as I have traded it at a main dealer. I forgot to put the rear parcel shelf back in when they valued it, so I have it up for grabs if anyone on here is interested before it goes on ebay. It is the one with two roller blinds in the front edge and as far as I know it will fit any 4.2 RAV, mine was a facelift 2004 model, but I think the pre-facelift ones were all the same from 2000 onwards. I am asking £80 plus whatever it actually cost to post, or you could collect it from West Yorkshire. I also have an as new Haynes manual, I am asking £10 plus postage at cost for that. Phil
  4. After four years in the RAV I have fairly reluctantly traded it in today. It is eleven years old and expensive repair costs are not going to be cost effective any more. It had a new rear and mid exhaust last week which cost 10% of the value of the car daft as it sounds, so time to let go while everything is still working OK. I thought long and hard what to get as a replacement, I only do short runs and my annual mileage is only about 6000, so a diesel would not be a good idea, so with a fairly limited choice of suitable vehicles I have decided to get a three year old Skoda Yeti 4x4 1.8 TSi petrol model. Bring on the snow and lets see if it is a match for the un-stoppable RAV. Anyway thanks to all those who have freely given advice on this forum during the past four years. Phil
  5. Might be something very simple like a heat-shield rattling, a lot do it. Mine did till it eventually fell off Phil
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    Is It The Diff?

    Dont blame the RAV, it could have happened with any car that you bought, as said above the RAV is generally very reliable. When I bought mine, the garage promised that it had been given a full service and "All" the oils had been changed. I took it to my local garage who I trust to tell me the truth, and he said he had a very difficult time getting the level plug out of the transfer box and it had certainly not been removed recently. He did actually change "All" the oils for me just to be on the safe side. I would see how you get on with it for a while, but it sounds like that Bradford copper knew more than he was letting on. Phil
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    Is It The Diff?

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    Is It The Diff?

    Hi Julie I am glad my advice about checking the handbrake has proved to be correct, I would hate to hear you had replaced the diff when the problem was actually the brakes. I would think thrice before ever using the mechanic that told you it was the diff again. It is probably the fact that it is an awkward job that they did not do it properly first time. That was certainly the case with mine. They replaced the rear disc/drums and fitted new calipers and pads, but bizzarely left the old pins and clips in the calipers, and the old handbrake shoes. It went back three times before they admitted this fact and replaced the knackered bits as well. Phil
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    Is It The Diff?

    Just a thought. You mentioned some work has been done on the handbrake recently. Have you checked the adjustment of the handbrake, mine was causing a problem because the garage had fitted new rear discs and not adjuted the handbrake properly, the handbrake shoes were binding ever so slightly even when released, when it was all cold everything was fine, but after a few miles it all got very hot and the car was holding back because the handbrake shoes had expanded with the heat, it also had an ominous burning smell and some very alarming noises. Once it had all cooled down it went fine for a few miles until it happened all over again, the shoes were re-adjusted properly and it has been no problem since. Phil
  10. I had the same problem after my brakes were all renewed, it had new discs, calipers and pads on the rear as everything was badly worn and seizing up. The knocking noise on mine was because the pads were moving around in the calipers, they had not renewed the spring clips that prevent this happening. Phil
  11. Check your heat shield on mid section of the exhaust, they can cause some disturbing noises when they come loose. Mine was doing something similar so I put a large jubilee clip round the whole thing to stop it vibrating. It was rev dependent by the way. Phil
  12. I have a Jan 2004 XT3 which is the facelift version of yours, it has leather seats which were an option on mine but standard on the XT4. I too bought it with 78000 miles on the clock and have been very pleased with it. Apart from new brakes and tyres which I consider normal replacements on any car, the only minor niggle is that the throttle body needs cleaning about every 18 months. It takes me about 20 minutes to do it myself, so not a big issue really. MPG over my 3½ years running and 20000 miles, on average so far is 30.5 Give it the usual checks, then buy it and enjoy it. Phil
  13. You are not alone, the gear change is notoriously clunky between 1st and 2nd gear on this model. Just dont rush it. If the revs are too high at tickover it will possibly need the throttle body cleaning, mine was the same and having cleaned it myself, that cured it. Phil
  14. I have the same year RAV and can vouch for it being superb in the snow, it is fitted with Bridgestone Dueler tyres. The only thing that stopped it last year was a four foot deep drift and I got 20 yards into it before it beat me. I thought I would be leaving the RAV in the drift when it stopped, but no problem it just reversed straight back out of it. Save your money, you don't need socks in Sussex. Phil
  15. 2004 Xt3 paetrol here as well. Mine is exactly the same as yours, very lumpy 1st to 2nd on a morning but settles down after a while when it warms up. Try to take your time between 1st and 2nd, its when you rush it that it gets notchy. The throttle body on mine had to be cleaned for the reasons already mentioned, its just starting to show signs of needing doing again. You might notice it struggling to settle down to a steady idle at around 700 rpm when this happpens, it will try and hunt, sometimes dropping down to 500 or so rpm and nearly stalling. It seem to be about the only real problem on this model. Phil
  16. Nigel You will get 33 mpg on a long run, maybe a little more if you drive with a light right foot and keep below 60MPH. In summer mine averages 33.5 if driven carefully, in winter expect 28 to 30 mpg, if you make it go a bit, expect less than those figures. I keep a spreadsheet of my fuel consumption so am speaking from first hand experience, on my first ever tank full I got 25 mpg. After the initial shock I soon learned how to drive it more economically. I you want to feel good about your mpg, take notice of the onboard computer which (on mine) lies about the mgp big style. Instead go fill it to the brim, then do the maths next time you fill it to the brim, do this over many fill ups and you will see a pattern emerge. If you want a more accurate on board computer try an "Ultragauge", just check it is compatible with your model first. Phil
  17. I have got a standard one that came off my 53 plate 2004 facelift model when I fitted the extended one. You would need to make sure it is the correct one for yours. If so contact me with a PM and make me a sensible offer, it might as well go to someone who can use it. Phil
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    I am curious to know which one you think is OK. I live about 200 yards from one, and I think they are pretty good. Phil
  19. Definitely clean the throttle body next, mine had a similar problem with low revs stalling at junctions etc. Gave the throttle body a really good clean and all was well again. Phil
  20. Charlie This was 40 years ago when I was 17 years old, I like to think I am a bit older and wiser now, but at the time it seemed like the only option. I am sure the police would have been a big help as it was in a pub car park. And yes I am sure it was his car. He was a well known local bully, him and his gang of cronies would have probably made my life a misery if I had pursued him through the legal system. So it was an eye for an eye. I wouldn't dream of doing anything like that now, but it cost me a few weeks hard earned wages to put my own car right again, and I don't regret my course of action from all those years ago, things were different then. With hindsight my car repairs cost me a lot more that his four tyres would have done. What I do regret is posting a reference to it on here and hinting that it would be a suitable thing to do in this case, that was silly and I apologise for that. Phil
  21. It would be a real shame if she got up one morning and found someone had stuck a Stanley knife through each tyre. I once resorted to that when someone reversed into my newly re-sprayed Ford Escort many years ago outside a pub, when I confronted the prat he told me to F off and drove away leaving me with a badly damaged car. I popped down to the same pub a week later and guess whose car was parked there, I took great delight in knifing all four tyres. I had never done anything like that before, and never have since, but sometimes it's the only language they understand. Phil
  22. A large jubilee clip right round mine cured it. Phil
  23. If yours is a conventional cable operated throttle ie pre 2004 facelift, then I would suspect the ICV (idle control valve) that is the bit you were tapping when the revs altered. There are plenty of places on the net that show you how to clean it. If it is a "fly by wire" model with a servo driven throttle body, then it is probably just the butterfly sticking and not closing properly. Mine had the same symptoms, and a really good clean sorted it out. Phil
  24. Well its been a week and they all still have 2 bar in them. Looks like job sorted. Phil
  25. Mine's been to the tyre fitters today, the plan was to have the three leaky ones removed and clean the rims then put them back on. That was the plan.......... What actually happened was the rims were cleaned up to remove any rim corrosion and four brand new Duellers were fitted. They assured me all will be well with the new tyres. The old tyres even though they had some tread left were cracking apparently. I am keeping my fingers crossed I don't find four flat tyres when I go out in the morning !!!! Phil