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  1. I agree, fill your car to the top, do your normal tank full of driving, then fill it to the top again. Make a note of how many litres: 45litres etc, then put the litres and the miles you covered into this handy MPG Calculator: http://www.mpg-calculator.co.uk/
  2. As your car has covered a lot of miles I think I would try this product first: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Cataclean-Catalytic-Converter-Cleaning-Treatment/dp/B002BVXM92 Then maybe the oxygen sensor, as if this is not working well your car might be running a bit rich
  3. Hello Guys, Our Avensis has auto level adjusting headlights, so we don't have the dial inside to manually just them up or down. The headlights are very low and I think this is due to a suspension part being replaced before we got the car. Does anyone know if a normal garage could reset the system or is it a trip to the Toyota dealer only? Many thanks, Rob
  4. Hello Konrad, That's good news its a chain. The 2.4 is an automatic and is doing 28mpg around town and 42mpg at 60mph on the motorway according to the cars computer. So not too bad for a big old engine really. With leather seats and cruise control it wafts around more like a Merc than a Toyota so we are enjoying it so far. Thanks, Rob
  5. Hello guys, Recently bought a 54 reg Avensis 2.4, can anyone tell me if it has a Cambelt or Timing chain? I know cambelts need changing at 55-60k. So just want to make sure. Many thanks, Rob
  6. Hello, Colspur. Make sure all the wires are pushed in properly on that black box above the nearside wheel arch. My sensors had stopped until I pushed the wires back in. Rob
  7. If its eating oil cheapest place for oil is ASDA 5 litres for only £12. Many varieties too. Look at it this way your car is always going to have fresh oil inside, which can only be a good thing.
  8. Hello Mike, Thanks for the info. I had a look in the boot and did not find an on/off switch. Ours does not have a towbar, so maybe the switch is not fitted. Had a look in the left side pull off compartment and found our red parking sensor wire had unplugged itself from the Toyota black box in there. Plugged it in and the sensors are working great now. Too many speed bumps must have worked the plug loose. Hope this helps others out there. Many thanks, Rob
  9. Hello, Our 54reg Avensis's parking sensors have stopped working. No more beeps as you reverse. We no longer get the beep as you put it into reverse either. Any ideas what it might be? Car is a 2.4litre automatic hatchback 2004 with 73k on the clock. Many thanks, Rob
  10. Super. Her's has done 89k and sounds sweet, so should go on for a few year's yet then. Thanks for the info :)
  11. That is good news. When do the chains need replacing? I know cambelts are every 60k or so. She picks up the car on Monday. Just want to be prepared. :)
  12. Hello, My girlfriend has just bought a Toyota Corolla 2001 1.6 (Y reg) (E110) Is it a Cambelt or Timing Chain? Many thanks, Rob
  13. Hello, The girlfriend has a 54reg Avensis T3x. She is thinking of downgrading to a T2 for her next company car. The T2 does not come with an armrest/storage box. Is this easy to add at a later date or are the TR (as there now called) armrests not compatible with T2 centre consoles? In her T3x it just looks like two little hinges that hold it on. I wish she would just upgrade to the TR spec as it seems much nicer. Thanks for your help, Rob -------------------------------- www.dieselcalculator.co.uk www.petrolcalculator.co.uk
  14. I am pleased to be able to tell you the MPG Calculator website has a proper domain name now. www.mpg-calculator.co.uk Much easier to remember. Cheers, Guys
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