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  1. et voila! c'est fini! i think thats french for its finished!

    1. 158 Corolla

      158 Corolla

      photos coming soon..

    2. Phoenix999


      Photos a venir!

  2. I dont think it will make a difference. Bent people will always be bent, there will always be stupid people who don't realise
  3. Brilliant to see another FXGT on here, you are the first ive seen, very nice! Still got the standard exhaust on that? Im thinking of getting an uprated one.
  4. Ive just read this, OMG, those three letter say it all really. Before long people will be driven around by google for fear of these idiots!
  5. Not long till its finished!!

    1. Phoenix999


      I finished mine on Friday!

  6. Looks good, would you be able to set it to record things? imagine the funny videos you'd get in traffic! Where did you get the illuminated 'tota badge?
  7. Shame I missed it, let us know when you're doing another!
  8. if the SR 1.6 engine is a 4afe, (guessing) try a 4AGE 20v maybe, alot more revs and power, without huge engine bay mods?
  9. I have a copy of the manual for the above alarm, if you'd like a copy, reply. Make your alarm do more! :)
  10. I have a set of lowering springs, aparently 40mm Will lowering my car this much mean it wears more on the wheel bearings? Its currently on 15" wheels, aposed to the original 14" Thoughts?
  11. Anyone know where to get an original exhaust for a non uk spec car?

  12. For parts a good bet is fensport, they seem to have alot of good stuff, not everything, but something to get you started at least :)
  13. Kwick Fit are pretty cheap, im under 25, 3 points, fully comp, £700, on a 150 bhp car, not bad
  14. Hi I have a 1993 AE101 Silvertop (20 valve), the gear box is a getting knackard, i think its a C56? But im not sure. Its a five speed, and heard something about the blacktop engine having a 6 speed box? if so, what box is it? Would this box fit on to my car? Does anyone know the ratios? Thanks for your help :)
  15. Defo agree on starting an AE forum, had issues getting CV joints, ended up trading on here to get some, which was ok, but there's gotta be a better eay of getting things!
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