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  1. Hi, I have a problem with my steering rack on my Celica GT4 Turbo, J Reg (ST185). The rack has come away from the chassis, and needs to be welded back on. I have been told that to get to the steering rack, the entire engine will have to be taken out costing LOTS of money in labor!! Does anyone know how to get to the steering rack of this car an easier way? Thanks, Ben
  2. Hi, I have a Toyota Celica GT4 Turbo ST185 J reg. The problem is this. About 2 months ago now my steering started to make a noise, and as time went on the steering became vague and sometimes unresponsive! I have just had this fully checked out and they have found that the steering rack on the drivers side has come away from the chassis of the car, and needs to be welded back on. But because of the cars design, they will need to take the entire engine, and dashboard out of the car! costing (because of the labor needed) around £2500-£3000!!! What I was hoping you maybe able to help with is do you know if this is common problem? and also if you know of any way to correct the problem without taking the engine out of the car? Thanks in advance for your help. Ben
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