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  1. Hi all, ive got a yaris d4d and have been having this very same fault, driving along when the engine will just die and go into limp mode, however it was taken into the local garage and the mechanic said that the throttle pedal was at fault ( i believe its a electric type? ) he cleaned the workings and the car was fine for 3 months or so then it started again, garage cleaned the throttle pedal again and the car was fine for about 6 mths until the problem came back, it was cleaned again and the car has been ok since but has now developed a different fault where it dies when pulling away from a standstill :( The odd thing is someone removed the turbo before i got the car so its now naturally aspirated meaning its definitely not a turbo fault with mine, lol. The car has done approx 40k like this and apart from the lack of performance seems fine.
  2. Hi all, ive got a 52 plate yaris diesel and ive been having an intermittent problem, sometimes when i try to pull away the engine just seems to die on me and i lose power, the engine management light comes on and usually i have to turn the engine off for 10-30 seconds and then restart after which it will be ok for a while again. I did about 40mls yesterday and it did it 3 times but other days its fine. Its been in the garage and had the fault code read which if i remember correctly it came up as a fuel pump fault. The garage changed the fuel filter and it was fine for approx 2-3 months but has started again now. Anybody had the same problem? The car seems to run fine the rest of the time and gives good economy, the problem is just when pulling away in first, it feels as tho im stalling by not having enough revs on is probably the best way to describe it.
  3. Have the same problem with mine, i also noticed the spare wheel well was getting damp too so i stripped all the lining and carpet out the back to look for any leaks. I poured a bucket of water over the back lights because there was signs of water ingress somewhere near them, what i found was the seam between the back panel (under the lights) and the rear quarter panels on both sides wasnt seam sealed from new at the factory so water could leak thru the seam. At some point the car had been back to the dealer by the look of things when new because fresh seam sealer had been applied all around the seams in the wheel well/back panel but not higher up. I pumped some silicone into the seams from the inside until it emerged on the outside then carefully cleaned it up, the boot stays dry now but the damn car still steams up lol.