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  1. Why would we quote an at the wheels figure then if to compare it to a standard car you'd be comparing to Toyota's at the fly figure?!?!?!? R. Correct...it's at the fly. All manufactures quote at the fly as it's the standard, most people quote at the wheels though as that is power on the tarmac. Iv'e noticed on the UK forums it seems quite popular to quote at the fly, makes the figure look higher ;) Cheers KiwiMR2 ←
  2. nathanfreke's power is REAR WHEEL HORSE POWER, none of this Flywheel quoting I see a lot in the UK :P I made 263 RWHP with almost as many mods (cat-back exhaust..so stii have the cat in there, intake, and same as you, 1.1 bar) Another example of a nice healthy Gen III 3sgte good stuff!! Cheers KiwiMR2 ← And ? The quoted Toyota figure of 241bhp isnt at the REAR WHEELS is it?
  3. Mine made 270bhp at the fly stock.
  4. Its a blow off valve blanking plate. For when you remove the stock item from the intercooler pipework. R.
  5. On a tubby they wont do jack from what I've learned as the stock manifold is pretty good. R.
  6. Rikki

    My Mazda Mr2

    LOL never got asked that one. Was half expecting the "is that some kinda air plane?" from Back To The Future when Marty crashes the DeLorean into the famers shed. R.
  7. Rikki

    My Mazda Mr2

    Forgot to say, when filling the producer she asked if the car was old enough to require an MOT. Being 11 years old I suggested it probably did. R.
  8. Rikki

    My Mazda Mr2

    There I was, minding my own business and I spot what I thought was a dodgy old taxi behind me. Its a bit hard to see with my tints and all. I thought it was a taxi coz it had a light on its roof and one of its headlamps was out, cops usually check those kinda things - right? So I plod along (boom boom) and then these blue lights come on behind me. So it wasn’t a taxi then... I turn engine off, pop the seatbelt, turn lights off, get out of the car and press the key fob to activate the alarm and am half way up to the panda car before the officers have a chance to get their own seatbelts off. After asking me if its my car they tell me my licence plates are illegal, then they ask me again if its my car hoping to catch me out with some Jedi mind tricks. As one of the two female officers (no lads, before you ask they weren’t) starts taking down my particulars the other heads off round the front of my car then tells me my tax disc is not in the right place, it needs to be at the bottom of the windscreen on the passenger side. I told them I thought the law stated it had to be "clearly visible". That stumped them a bit. I was then told I was stopped because one of my tail lights was brighter than the other. I said, cheers for telling me - BTW one of your headlights is brighter than the other, coz one of them’s ******. Cue startled looks. Then I get asked what the blue canister thing is and I try to explain but they obviously haven’t seen the Fast & The Furious yet. We exchange pleasantries before I get my H0RT1 slip and am sent on my way. When I get back into my car I sit down and have a look at the slip before nearly ****** myself laughing. Bet you wish you had a Mazda MR2 just like me :) ! R.
  9. What type did you buy and does the clutch pedal feel very light, and where is the bite on the pedal. R.
  10. U wont be putting any tbar panels behind ur seats with subs in there mate. R.
  11. Run my 18's at 33/36 thats 215/35 on front and 225/40 on rear
  12. See here for 6th gen spec: http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=26524 ← Thanks for that, perfect! :) R.
  13. The bird is looking to join the Toyota ranks and has her eye on a 90/91 Celica GT UK spec. I did a quick Google but couldnt find anything of relevance on spec and performance. Are these a good bet reliability wise and what sort of performance/BHP/top speed/0-60/MPG etc do they have? Any help appreciated :) Regards, Rikki (MR2 owner, trying to convert another to the Toyota Faith)
  14. Will be a shame for you but Ill get to see the car more now LOL. R.
  15. Yeah, had read of that, Amram had that issue I remember too. Strange thing is its only popped a few of them off, the rest were tight as hell. God damn powerful Toyota's! BTW how you getting on, heard u were selling the 2 to Ross from EC with the Yaris? R.
  16. I wouldnt sell it. I came from a FWD Rover 214SEi with maybe 120bhp to a 280bhp MR RWD and I love it!
  17. Rikki

    No More Leaks

    I can confirm this work, looks a bit iffy when you take the t-bars off tho and u have the imprint of the gaffer tape on there. R.
  18. Rikki

    My New 18s

    18's are the way forward :) They just fit perfectly and dont bugger up the handling too much. I also hate potholes! R.
  19. lol yeah bloke at work just bought a brand new Seat cupra diesel thing was trying to out do me... climate control... yeah got that electric folding mirrors... yeah got them and so on... ← Only thing Ive got missing is the folding mirrors, oh and the ABS - oh and a working car :) R.
  20. Hi guys, Just noticed last week my downpipe had a big crack in it, was underneath when the clutch was being fitted, so I took it to the specialist who made it for me. He removed it from the car but when he removed the top heat shields he noticed that 3 of the studs had come off and were missing. He'd used Locktight thread lock (red stuff, hi temp) and couldnt work out what had happened. Any of you guys had similar problems like this? Whats the remedy? Many thanks, Rikki
  21. Rikki

    Top Speed

    Never good! :S Nice pic in your signature mate, looks like a photo I took myself LOL :) R.
  22. Another good one is www.mr2oc.com though they seem to ignore requests for helps sometimes from the British (IMHO). R.
  23. Rikki

    Top Speed

    Had mine at 164mph indicated. Later checked with a Road Angel2 GPS unit and the speedo at 80mph is actually 78mph and Ive got 18's so recon that was a true road speed of 164mph. Still had a bit to go but I kinda shat out of it (only had the car a couple of weeks and was getting used to it). All on private runway too BTW FYI ... honest. R.
  24. The thing u had was probably the altapower box that cut the alternator out when the car revs past 5000rpm or so (when the alternator actually slows things down). I think lol "Quote: Also, if anybody's intrested im selling an Alterpower. Not many people know what it is, Its a unit that cuts off the Alternator to give between 5-10bhp, Works best on cars with smaller less powerful engines, don't worry it won't kill yer battery, when the battery gets fully charged it cuts out the alternator, giving power, but when the battery gets to a certain level (Not dead ) it llets the alternator back on. Its never been used, i don't want it coz i don't think it will do much kop on my car so if your intrested let me know. It fits any car, comes with full fitting instructions, never used. 50 quid, or offers, paid 100 notes for it, so its a bargain. "
  25. Is it an Evo 5 or 6 item?
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