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  1. My expertise are next to zero with cars. It has been scrapped now. Shame
  2. I always laugh when I see people going stupid speeds on the motorway (Usually the cause of the phantom traffic jams) They get hardly anywhere anyway. I find I always catch up to them due to something.
  3. I am thinking good timing, but still, I know was going to sell the car, but I was just left stunned.
  4. To my utter horror, the Rav blew up on Sunday. Call it lucky timing, but I went and bought a new car, took someone with me to drive the rav back, and as I was driving behind the Rav on the motorway, the engine blew up. Never seen so much smoke from a car. Gutted is an understatement. Thanks AA who abandoned my father at the service station, and thanks insurance for not having the details on your own system, (Strange) and then finding out someone there cancelled the breakdown to give us the cheaper quote. AA my *****. The cards you get are worthless, even though they show you are still in date. Never again is all I can say. Nightmare day. Good bye Rav, to the scrap heap it seems you will go.
  5. I'm stuck with supermarkets. i would go to a shell near me, but because of where it is built it would mean to get out I would have to drive onto the motorway and come back off. We are talking a 25-30 minute trip. I did like the V power fuel though, a far nicer ride, and although it costs a bit more, I did get normal MPG overall. As someone said, this time of year though, and with prices the way they are for diesel, It may not be that unusual to have poor results.
  6. Whiteclaw

    A Cv Joint

    Are the expensive to repair? Secondly, what the hell is it? Not my car, but a friends. Makes a clicking noise when turning.
  7. I find it can depend where you get your fuel. I am getting god awful results if I put in £30 at Sainsbury, but if I go to Morrisons, at the same price and amount, I get far more. I suspect some supermarkets really are selling crap.
  8. Diamond and Sheilas all belong to the same group I think, Admiral. They have a hefty number of insurance companies, and also a comparison site I think. Might be go compare, so watch out for some comparison websites, may not be all they appear. That car sould be dead cheap to insure, it falls in group 1 or 2 doesn't it? I know they take age into consideration, but shouldn't be too bad I would have thought. My first insurance was with Tesco, and enver again is all I can say. At first it was £400, 2 days later they tried to change it to £1800, I said no thanks, and was able to simply leave at no charge. £500 was the one I got with swinton, which dropped to £350 every year until last year, where for some unknown reason they tried to hike it to over a grand. I am with co operative green or something. £335. The trick of playing them against each other is a good one though. I m,mentioned another insurance company, in fact I use the same one time and again as they do always offer a low quote, and all of a sudden, they knock hundreds of their own quote. Endsleigh I think is the one I always mention. 1 day I will make it up to them and actually use them.
  9. WOW. I never knew that car was so economical emissions wise. What about if you convert a car to LPG? Does that do anything to emissions? Could be tempted to just go for the car I want, temporarily pay the new tax rate and then convert, if it did anything. I was having a gnader at insurance groups too. I have never really looked at all this, usually I would gander and see what I like, but the number plate business has made me look into all this. I hear a couple of Toyotas are insurance group 1 or 2, not sure on the road tax.
  10. I am fixated on the reg dates now. My Rav is oldish so have been paying the fixed tax rate. I am disgusted by the new rates though, well not that new, 2001 new. I really am. Who wants to pay nearly £500 a year in car tax.
  11. Interesting points. I have asked 1, so will see what happens. Just curious as to the whole things. Surely, if it is dodgy, they will know that the buyer will return or report the person though, or does nothing really happen? I despise having to pay for a HPI check though, !Removed! cheek if you ask me.
  12. Been looking to buy a new car, but at times, the number plates have been covered up. Is it purely to prevent some identity vehicle theft? Dodgy reasons? Would you even look at a car if this happened?
  13. Whiteclaw

    Snow Socks

    I thought it was illegal to use chains here? I liked the idea of the snow socks, but really, as said in previous post, they won't last very long if you find patches of no snow. Only really good if the snow is bad.
  14. Whiteclaw


    My car is just eating at the petrol. The cost is just hideous. Prices should be far lower. As for lpg, I looked into this, for the rav 4s, 3 doors, it tends to be you have to have the great big tank behind the back 2 seats. No thanks. There are the flatter cylindrical tanks, but there is no room underneath the car. £800-900 is about right these days. The cost has come down considerably. Down here, the few authorised dealers offer it at this price. I will be getting a new car at some point. I am trying to hang on to this baby. It is my first ever car and has done very well, so won't be easy to get rid of, but I do need to be practical. Whether I get another rav I am not sure, but I am thinking of lpg next time. I would go for a leccie car, but I am always put off.