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  1. Rolling roads are very unreliable. As stated in this thread already, a power output can be affected greatly by the operator, cooling, wheel slip etc. Not to mention that the RR itself could just be out. If you really are wanting to know how much BHP you car has then take it too a ¼ mile strip. You can calculate your BHP from your terminal speed and time. I think that this is one of the most realiable ways to get the info that you want...
  2. Yeah I've loved my corolla. I'm thinking about 6 for mine or there abouts :) Sorry if I sound patronising, I do not mean too but is a 1.6SR really worth that much? I am not too clued up on them so is there something special about them? I only ask as if this is correct then maybe my Compressor is worth a lot more than I thought... I pretty much value it at 6k (about the going rate on Autotrader) and it has a full main dealer service history and only 25k miles. No expense has been spared at all and it has been very well looked after, it has no scratches or dinks at all...
  3. Thanks for the advice guys. There was a corroded wire on the alternator, all sorted now.
  4. Bit of an update guys, I got a new battery put it on correctly. The battery light stopped flickering for about 15 minutes then everything went mental!! The electric windows work if you hold the button down but they they will not go down automatically if you flick the switch which make it do so. The power steering stops working every now and then. The dash lights up like a xmas tree every now and then. (Battery light constantly still flickering) The speedo and rev counter stop working and then start again and its now idoling at 600rpm and is very lumpy! It catches and goes up to about 1200rpm then drops back down to 600rpm, the normal idol has always been a steady 800rpm when warm. I have got it booked in with a garage this Thursday (Family Friend) so it would be nice if any of you experts out there know what this could be so that I could point him in the right direction.... I have noted the comment about the connection to the alternator (Thank you for your reply). Someone has said that it maybe the ECU...?? Please guys, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello Guys The Battery light starting flickering on and off on my Compressor so I took it too a garage to get the alternator output tested. That is charging as it should be and the indicator on the battery is saying that its half dead so im assuming that I need a new battery...? I'm going to buy a new one tomorrow but I was wondering which would be the right/best one to get? There are several on eurocarparts ranging from £50 to £90.... Thanks for the advise in advance.
  6. Thanks for the reply Ben. They have said that they will fit a new clutch kit but they want me to pay an extra £300 for that! If this corrects the fault then surely thats machanical and down to warrenty? Currently the clutch is in pieces waiting for my instruction. Should I tell them to go ahead with the work and then argue that the fault is still there or corrected so it was mechanical? The only other option open to me is to have it put back together obviously faulty with it unfixed and face a £600 labour charge. this situation is really getting to me.
  7. Sorry I forgot to add, they said that all they could find was a bit of corrosion on the fingers....
  8. Please look at this thread, http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=129472 Toyota have stripped down the clutch and along with the warranty company they say that no fault has been found! Apparently everything is normal! How can this be the case? It never used to vibrate violently up my leg when changing gear so something must be wrong. To add insult to injury, they say that as there is "no fault" I am liable for the cost of the labour which is £650! Could anyone please give me some advice regarding what to say to them? I really do not want to pay the money as something must be wrong, mechanically something must be wrong surely?? I'm sorry to start another thread but I am desperate for help.
  9. Bit of an update. My Compressor is going in to have the vibrations through the clutch pedal fixed under warrenty but there may be a bit of a snag.... If it turns out to be a non mechanical part then I will be liable for the bill which will include the time they spend stripping the gearbox down! What do you guys think the chances will be of this fault being non mechanical? Apparently it will cost about £500 in labour just to strip the gearbox down and put back together...
  10. Hello Adam Thanks for the reply, the Grr noise does only happen when the engine is warm but it is not restricted to 30-40mph. If you are stood still and rev the car a bit you can hear it then. I am going to be taking the car to Toyota to try and fix the vibrations, hopefully they will know what they are doing!
  11. Hello all My Compressor has developed a fault when severe vibrations come through the clutch pedal and right up my leg at around 4000rpm and over. This never used to happen so I have taken the car back to the dealer (Nissan) to have it corrected under warranty. They have just phoned me up and said that they can not find the fault so there is nothing to fix! I honestly do not know how they can miss it as it does it every time! Could this be a release bearing or a gearbox mount prehaps? I have said that I refuse to collect the car until it is fixed or alternatively I will collect it and they can then pay Toyota to repair it. Is anyone able to tell me what this fault is so that I can point them in the right direction. Also the car makes a grrrr noise when it is warm, they do not know what this is either! Can anyone help? Kind Regards,
  12. If you change your current 15" wheels to bigger ones i'm sure that it will affect the accuracy of your speedo. I think that it will make your speedo read slightly slower then you are actually doing so be careful! Also you will clock up less mileage. On my Renault 5 GT Turbo, I went from 13" wheels to 15" wheels and this made about a 9mph difference at 60/70 mph. This could have just been a unique affect to this car but I am sure that it will affect all cars. Hopefully someone on here can confirm.
  13. I will try and do this from my first car when I was 17, I have had quite a few cars so its hard to remember! 1. B Reg Ford Escort 1.1L - Loved it as it was my first car, I did not know any better! 2. C Reg Ford Escort XR3i - I was 17 in 1997 so I grew up in the boy racer era. You had to have one of these. 3. E Reg Ford Fiesta XR2 - As XR3i. 4. G Reg Vauxhall Astra GTE - Cornered like a shed. 5. C Reg Ford Escort RS Turbo Series 1 - Loved this car but I killed it with high motorway mileage. 6. H Reg Peugeot 205 1.9 GTI - Probably the best car I have ever owned. 7. C Reg Ford Fiesta XR2 convertible - Not factory made, terrible car! 8. H Reg Ford Escort XR3i cabriolet - Average car 9. M Reg Ford Escort MK V Cabriolet - I liked this one as it has a power roof! 10. R Reg BMW 325i - I was only 21 when I bought this, it was only 3 years old. Good solid car. 11. 52 Reg Peugeot 306 cabriolet - Bought this brand new in 2002, aged 22. I only kept it for 6 months though as my daughter arrived. 12. 03 Reg Citreon Saxo VTR - Bought to save money, again brand new. Good little car in my opinion. 13. 55 Reg Mitsubishi L200 Warrior - Wanted and Evo VIII But my Girlfriend could not get insured so I went for something totally different. Very disappointed with it. 14. E Reg Renault 5 GT Turbo - I never had this during the era so I bought this as a project. Spent 9k on it but recently broke it for parts as the shell went rotten. I only did 1300 miles or so in it so it spent its time just sitting in my Barn. Loved the retro look and power it produced. 15. N Reg Renault Clio Williams 3 - Split with Girlfriend who took me to the cleaners! About all I could afford after that! 16. 08 Mini Cooper D - Present car that girlfriend primarily drives. Excellent MPG, averaging 70mpg combined. 17. 06 Reg Toyota Corolla T-Sport Compressor - Good car but its now up for sale as I do not use it. I was a 90 teenager and I loved the late 80s hot hatches. Thats what all the "cool" kids drove around! Cost me a fortune in insurance etc but I loved them cars.
  14. Litre Cost Litres Gallons total Cost MPG Distance travelled Mileage at fill up 137.9 12.33 2.71 17.00 22.5 61 19499 137.9 47.14 10.37 65.26 24.4 253 19560 137.9 18.13 3.99 25.00 25.8 103 19813 140.9 14.19 3.12 20.01 19.5 61 19916 137.9 46 10.12 63.43 27.6 279 19977 134.9 45.29 9.96 61.10 29.1 290 20256 138.9 48.33 10.63 67.13 26.9 286 20546 140.9 49 10.78 69.53 27.3 294 20832 138.9 47 10.34 65.28 29.1 301 21126 141.9 45.1 9.92 64.00 32.6 323 21427 140.9 48 10.56 67.63 26.5 280 21750 140.9 48.14 10.59 67.83 27.8 294 22030 141.9 46 10.12 65.27 28.7 290 22324 138.9 47.21 10.38 65.57 28.5 296 22614 Here is what I am acheiving in my Compressor. Considering the car I do not think that this is too bad. I do drive like a old man though This is with about 70% town driving too.
  15. My Compressor's clutch vibrates quite a lot when I change gear at highish revs, it always has done since I have had it but it does not make any noise. I assumed this was something to do with the power thats going through it... Is this not the case?
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