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  1. Ah but my point was that my order did not take longer, they were spot on. Looking at the recent replies, looks like orders are coming through nicely for others too.
  2. I am expecting delivery of my Rav4 tomorrow. First ordered towards the end of Oct 2021, given an estimate delivery date of April 14th and they were spot on (1 day earlier). This is for an Excel 2WD HEV model.
  3. For people who have leased the Rav4, are you able to track the delivery progress with the app at all? I was told it was not possible on lease orders so only option is to contact the leasing company or dealer 😌
  4. Hi guys, Thanks for all the help! I attempted taking the calliper off on the weekend just gone and didn't get any further than that! It was on there so tight and without a better ratchet (or bigger muscles ;)) I don't think I can get it off. Good news is that the pads are barely worn which probably confirms the glazing you mentioned. One question here: everywhere I read mentioned a 14mm calliper bolt but my Yaris appears to have a 17mm bolt. Is that right? Was 14mm for the mark 1 Yaris? Since it's due for a service next month, I'll ask them to take a look at greasing the pads when they have the wheels off.
  5. Hi Heidfirst, Appreciate the help. That answers one of my questions! Hi Madasafish, Understood. I suppose I only really need to clean them and apply grease so if I can do that without taking the calliper off, I can't see there being much problem. However, I am guessing I need to take the calliper off to really clean and grease. In which case, do I need to also push the pin back in when reassembling? From reading, it seems that way. Cheers.
  6. Hello ladies & gentleman :) My joyful Yaris is coming up to the 3 year mark in February and a niggling problem I've had since I bought it is squeaky brakes at low speed (and I think it's coming from the front). I did tell the dealer over the phone about 10 months ago, but they said this was normal and the brakes require cleaning and they charge for that (understandable). I had the car serviced with a local garage about a month later and asked them to check the brakes and while they did check & clean them with no problems, the squeak has never gone. The pads were not worn then (11500 miles) and the car has only just done 15500, so still doubt the pads are worn but can take the wheels off and clarify that. With the warranty running out, I thought now is the time to do something. I'm wondering if I'm better off just pushing the dealer to at least have a look at it? Or do you think it is easier to just do this myself? I read copper grease on the sides of the pads would help along with brake cleaner (and they are quite dirty now!) Any special tools required for this job? Am new to this but would like to learn! Anyone else gone to the dealer and had them fix it? Also read that it can be due to the material they use for pads these days but I think/hope it can be solved as it is annoying! Cheers!
  7. I'll be honest with you...I think some of my gains will have been down to luck e.g. leaving for work and sometimes never having to stop at any lights! Other days, every light will be red! I try to minimize delays by quickly checking for traffic ahead of my journeys or leaving at times when there is less traffic - not so much to do with fuel saving; just hate waiting around! However, as I said before, I will always try to anticipate ahead and minimize the amount of braking necessary e.g. if the light ahead is red, I will lift off and coast (braking to slow if necessary, but try to keep momentum). More often than not, the lights will eventually go green and you can 'zoom' past all the other fools who race to the red light! I do appreciate that sometimes this can be difficult because you may encounter the odd driver who is flashing his lights behind you to go faster (only happened once in 6 months!) - but I've never seen the point if the light ahead is red! Also, if you travel a certain route frequently, you will begin to know the traffic light timings - some lights change quickly, others can be >3mins. For the longer ones, I just switch off (as long as the engine is warm at this point). I don't know how much this helps though. Aside from that, I would say you should check your tyre pressure once a month - I tend to run them a little higher at 38 vs. the 32 Toyota suggests. Ride still seems okay to me, but might not suit everyone? Try to use the highest gear possible without labouring - pretty general advice. Suppose the other thing would be to check which oil you are using? Lighter grade the better - but if you're still within warranty, stick to what Toyota suggests to keep that valid. That's pretty much it.
  8. 550 on 37 litres? That's very, very good! Pretty much 70mpg (accurately!) Still, shows it is possible to beat the manufacturer's estimate of 56 on the combined cycle - for the small petrol anyway.
  9. Hi all, Filled up my car the other day (1 litre) and the output after 123 miles was 71.4! Probably a little optimistic as I usually calculate it to be 60-65 average, but even on the last fill, it was 70+. Having said that, I filled up when the range said 30 miles - but I know the car will usually do a bit more than the range. In theory, this could be right because 123 miles + 30 = 153. Seeing as I put in 10 litres, that's about 69.6 mpg average. Anyone else getting similar read outs? Bare in mind, motorway accounts for about 40 miles of the 123 and no, there were no crazy fuel-saving antics other than trying my best to maintain momentum and anticipating events ahead e.g. lights. Oh, and using Shell Fuelsaver :) Great car though!
  10. Hi guys, Thanks for the responses :) A lot of useful advice to consider! @ alfiejts: I'm not too fussed with the power. I have driven a Polo which had about 20 bhp less than this and used it for almost everything! As long as the ride is smooth and the car is solid, i'm happy. Trim is not too much of a concern either - it is a used car, so I won't have a choice in what it comes with. Out of interest, how many recalls were done on this model? Is it mainly to do with the accelerator problem? I ask because I think it would be worthwhile to see whether the car has had the fixes done. I will give it a test drive this weekend anyhow and see how it goes from there. Cheers.
  11. Hi guys, First post on the forum and looking for some advice regarding this model. I am considering buying a used 09 Yaris 1.0 TR and might be test driving it this weekend. I've been reading this forum section and other reviews for this car and have seen a lot of complaints about its clutch and gearbox. From what I can see, a lot of these relate to the 1.33 model and I've not been able to find that many reviews specifically relating to the 1.0 - possibly a good thing! But from your experience(s), are there any specific concerns/things to look out for with this model? The car still has 1 year left on its warranty which gives me some piece of mind :) Any advice would be greatly appreciated right now! Thanks.
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