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  1. hopefully the VW will hold its value equally as well as my Fabia did before i brought the Aygo. I found VW very easy to deal with in terms of arguing with the price, Toyota however seemed very unwilling to budge much on the price of a Yaris, despite the fact i'd brought 3 aygos from them within the space of 8 months. Ben
  2. yeh thanks for that. I've gone for a Polo as the cost to change was noticeably less than the ford. I got 7.3k for my Aygo and still got a fair bit off the Polo and there doing a similar offer as Toyota with 3 free services and a years free insurance.
  3. Just had my Go valued (its a 2011 jan Go A/C with 11k) and im getting some crazy offers. I've had 2 dealers quote me 6k for the car against a Polo and a Fiesta (we need a new bigger car now). The highest i've managed is 7k from Toyota against a Yaris. The car is as new with not a mark on it. What values are you guys expecting or been offered against your. Thanks Ben
  4. I have a Go and the bluetooth works just fine with my HTC desire. With some phones it'll allow you to send text messages from the satnav or even keep up to date with the latest traffic (its very phone dependant though).
  5. for the data services and text message service your phone must support Bluetooth DUN(which iphones dont and android phones dont out of the box). If you have an android phone you can use PDAnet to enable these services, it can be found in the android market. If you have an iphone its a trip down to the local carphone warehouse and replace it with something decent :). As for music ive tried everything and anything with my aygo. Ive found my Desire will play music off the phones SD card via the Go's usb connection only if music is stored on the root of the card (so far not managed to get it to read out of a folder). Ben
  6. I got my Go several days after yours i believe and its been fine and i use it a lot. I occasionally get the unit to crash but i think its down to the fact my Ipod is older than earth itself.
  7. Well my 3 month old Aygo Go has gone rusty !. All the wheel nuts both locking and normal have gone rusty. Hopefully Mr T will sort it out properly considering how many of them ive brought recently (aygo's that is). They had a quick peek on tuesday and have booked it in fir a couple of weeks time. Just something for you guys to look out for !
  8. I put some pictures of our ice up but we chose silver.
  9. How come the move from an Iq to an Aygo ?>
  10. Yeh my sister is crap at arguing a deal hence the lack of mats. Nope no bluetooth but its still an option. Yeh shame the blue was out otherwise i'd of got a photo of all 3 of them together, possibly over Easter.
  11. Its arrived. Our Aygo Ice (apparently its the 1st to be delivered in the country to a retail customer - obviously can't prove that). Pics below. My link My link My link My link My link My link will post some better inside pics when the lights better.
  12. I suppose your right if your only doing 8k a year fuel won't be a killer in either. I agree with the boot an kid issue. Were looking at possibly having kids in the next few years so one of the Aygo's will have to go. I'll probably pop down to Mr T at some point next year, i do quite fancy one of the new Yaris Hybrids when there out.
  13. Although i agree with an Aygo over an Astra any day of the week i sure do miss a big boot. We both have Aygo's and it's a real pain when you need to move some large stuff. Not sure if you have kids or not but if you do maybe the astra would make sense. I suppose the extra in tax and fuel wouldnt be so bad if your only running one car.
  14. you wont have to deal with vauxhall dealers. Thats got to be worth it on its own.