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  1. I run an older version of the EPC on my system here. My Version doesn't cover the latest cars or the Lexus ones, but as I don't have either parked outside it doesn't matter !
  2. An MOT is just a snapshot though - a documented proof that on ONE SPECIFIC DAY your car was declared fully roadworthy. If you have a lightbulb blow a week after then technically your car isn't in a roadworthy condition and therefore wouldn't pass the MOT. I'd have thought that as long as the mods are notified to the insurers then that's where the story ends. They cover the car for 12 months in it's entirity - not just an annual medical checkup
  3. at the top right of the page where your username is, click on it and a drop down menu appears. Select 'Purchase Paid Subscription' from the list and it'll take you to the various options available.
  4. IPA also evaporates completely leaving no residue ( as does Panel Wipe ) - always handy not to have to clean the gunk up afterwards
  5. it's the same paint, just a different delivery mechanism. You can get good results with aerosols if you know how. Not as easy as a gun finish but very achievable with a bit of effort.
  6. looks like a bit of door bump stripe to me, but I would have thought that it would be easy for you to spot if it was !
  7. that's not strictly correct Raist, there are 3 subscription options £4.99 for a 1 month use of the For Sale section, £15.00 or £17.50 for the 2 annual subscription levels. Click on the black box at the top of the screen where your username is and there's a drop down menu linking you to 'purchase paid subscriptions' - details in there .
  8. I'm not a Liverpool fan, but don't hate them either. As a neutral I just think what's happening to this once proud club is just really funny. Love it !
  9. Hi, Chicken Liver Pate Roast turkey Bitter Chocolate Tart for me please
  10. So what you doing in NZ? Just laying low till the heat is off ?? Welcome back mate !
  11. Doing fine mate . Still got the Sera too. Most of the old faces are still around ( in various guises ) somewhere. Would be great to catch up again sometime. If you're around we're at the Christmas do in December - Pop in and say Hi ! Rich
  12. Hi mate ( blast from the past or what ?? ) Can't help with your window problem - sorry. Nice to know you're still out there though. Give my regards to some nice weather !! Rich
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