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  1. Thiva

    Funny Noice

    Hi Guys i get a funny noice coming out of my Gen 2 when i put the gear and also when i press the park button. Can anyone help? Thiva
  2. Hi Everyone can anyone help me on the following 1. do you have to change the gear box oil and at what milage 2. The Hybrid system coolant - which Milage to change 3. how to check whether the milage is genuine 4. The inverter - servicing and other
  3. Thiva

    Spare Parts

    hi how can i contact you
  4. Thiva

    Which One

    Hi everyone just going to get my gen 3, im really pusseled. should i go for the black onw with sunroof and solar panels or go for the light clue one with 17" alloys, Auto parking , blue tooth, and factery fitted display panel ( Radio, navigation) Pls help Tks thiva
  5. Hi Firends can anyone let me know how i can get the the gen 3 user manual. Tks Thivanka
  6. Thiva

    Spare Parts

    Hi Everyone does any one knows prius spare part sellers in asia - Singapore/ Thailnad or any other country?
  7. Thiva

    Prius Grade

    Can any one tell me how to findout the grade of a Prius
  8. Thiva

    Lcd Language

    Hi Tks for the all the help, unfortunately it seems that the option for changing of the lauguage is not available. I even took it to Toyota and they sais that !Removed! have not given them the required software. Tks
  9. Thiva


    Hi Everyone I Have another Q? how much a NHW20 (1.5l engine)does on 1 L of petrol?
  10. Thiva

    Lcd Language

    tks, nop unfortunately they have not. Can u pls be more specific how to do it?
  11. Thiva

    Lcd Language

    Hi everyone just got my toyota Prius from Japan and can anyone tell me how to chnage the lauguage on the LCD display.Its in japaneese
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