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  1. My problems are recorded throughout this long and bitter thread. We have decided that it is time to change the Previa and will not be buying any more Toyotas. I wish you all good luck with a company which has lost touch with maintaining it's reputation.
  2. I just came across this: "Recalls TSB May 2005: If MIL warning light remains on and Fault Codes PO420 or P0430 can be read off ECU via OBDII port then car needs an ECU software upgrade and a new catalytic converter with a modified cat matrix coating." This paragraph came from the Honest John website here. Since this is shown as a recall presumably Toyota would pay for the work. Hope this is useful to those of you who haven't already paid for a new Cat anyway
  3. Nice one. I see they only have the petrol model, the hybrid is coming soon. Have been considering a hybrid version......
  4. I have found details of the Toyota Alphard which is a Japanese market large MPV. A few appear to have been exported from Japan to various English-speaking countries, are there any owners on here? I'd appreciate any reviews from owners or anyone who has had an opportunity to see one "in the metal".
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  6. Hi Flyingjetman, my complaint was closed last year (by the dealers and ToyotaGB) when they asked where I bought my Previa and I told them a car supermarket, hence it was imported from Europe (by the UK car supermarket). Since they didn't make profit on the sale of my car, they decided that they wouldn't help with faults or repairs. Since the cost of this repair was around £700 and I saved £4k on the purchase, this wasn't a bad equation and I certainly wouldn't buy a car from ToyotaGB or their dealers given a choice. The French dealer who I dealt whilst on holiday with was far more helpful, s
  7. You'll find the poll in this thread. Please do add your details, it'll be really interesting to see if we've got a pattern after several people have entered their information.
  8. No experience of the Classic Prius but this is usually a balance problem. The stone may caused a weight to come off the wheel, or it may be coincidence, balance problems often occur at a specific speed due to resonance. Start off by getting your front wheels balanced from scratch (ensure they remove all weights and start again), at almost any tyre centre. The problem of pulling to one side is more likely to be wheel alignment. This can be checked by looking for uneven tyre wear across the width of the tyre, or cheaply at tyre centres, but for reliable answers you'll need a more expensive ch
  9. The long-running Engine Management Warning Light thread has shown that lots of forum members have suffered similar problems and at similar mileage / age. Please vote when you suffer this problem and tell us when you had the problem and at roughly what mileage? This may help us understand if there is a pattern to these failures.
  10. OK I'm going to turn this into a Poll to track the results more easily.
  11. Someone told me that Toyota changed the design of the Catalyst on the Previa but don't know when. The failure always seems to come 40 - 50k miles, I guess these Previas are a certain age. Mine is an 02 model, it would be interesting to find out if all the other failures are on a similar age car.
  12. I also don't believe this is caused by Supermarket petrol since every other car I've ever driven has done well on Supermarket petrol. I still think it's a fundamental problem on the Previa, whether caused by poor design or manufacture. The good news is that it hasn't reoccurred in the last 12,000 miles since the Cat and Sensors were replaced (for more information on this read back a couple of pages when I was really cross with Toyota).
  13. I don't have any experience of this on the Previa but from your description of the location of the smell and the pipe tracing done so far, it sounds like a problem at or near the fuel tank. Normally the tank has a pipe to the fuel filler, and another hole for the fuel pump and gauge sender, the seals at these holes can deteriorate and then leak. The best answer (and unfortunately not easiest or cheapest) is to drop the fuel tank from the car and check it all over. Good luck.
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    Yes we've heard the same. Apparently Toyota feel that there isn't room for the Previa in the UK market between 4x4s becoming more popular and the Verso on the other side. We are disappointed by this since we need the space of a large MPV for a large family and don't like 4x4s.
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