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  1. Thanks a bunch guys :D going to have a crack at it tomorrow, do glow plugs snap at all? I have denso plugs waiting to go in. Also if they do snap how would I get the bit stuck inside out? I want to be prepared just incase lol Thanks again
  2. Hey guys, I've got myself a 2004 54 plate toyota avensis 2.0 d4d, I was just wondering if there was a guide on how to change the glow plugs on one or if anyone could help me :) any help would be much appreciated and thanks in advanceg
  3. Would a 1zz-fe exhaust manifold fit the 4zz-fe engine? Thanks mate
  4. A little bird tells me you have some coilovers :P
  5. NOTHINGS WORKING FOR ME!!! ARGGGHHH!!! Time to go back to old set up :(
  6. Thanks Ali, will head over to toyota and try getting some if the ecu sorts itself out. Hopefully the ecu gets used to the manifold and TB soon then I can stick the injectors back in and go fast again lol
  7. Also after taking the 1zz injectors out the car seems slower lower down and doesnt pick up quite aswell like before with the injectors :( I so need this car to run smooth with the 1zz upgrades...turns into a right little beast :P
  8. Cheers bro, I got bored and frustrated so the 4zz injectors are back in, going to wait for everything to settle down and then sticl the 1zz injectors back in :) also reset the ecu while doing this today And does anyone know where I get get some O ring seals/washers from for the injectors? Thank you
  9. Thanks mate, will wait a little longer then :) After that I'm going to try your method I just love the intake noise and the car pulls harder :D tbh I wouldnt of minded that much if I didnt have a 4 inch exit round the back haha, makes it even more annoying and embarassing
  10. So you think its got nothing to do with the inlet manifold or throttle body? Shall I wait another week and then if there is no improvement put the 4zz injectors back in and let the ecu adjust and then put the 1zz injectors back in?
  11. Yh dude, I changed everything all at once I also made sure the injectors were put on properly, there is no hesitation or flat spots when I accelerate.
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