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  1. could any land cruiser owners tell me which ones have permanent 4wd, at the moment i believe the 70 series do not, the 80 series are 4wd but not compatible i think the prada and amazon are not, but did find mention of a (J150) what ever that is might be permanent 4wd, so anyone can fill in any blanks i would be grateful
  2. For who ever comes across this thread one day, the heat button on the mk6/7 invincible does in fact switch on a small electrical heater element in the heater box, it draws alot of electrical power that might discharge the battery so it increases revs and increases to recharge the battery
  3. if your diff is the same as a mk3 and i am prety sure it is, then your looking in the wrong place for diffs, hilux surfs have taller ratios and usually lsd diffs to, your ratio now it taller than i would expect, your right in your thinking that mk4 are 4.1 as are some aurfs
  4. that will do me then, simple suits me for sure. am i right in thinking its a carb not injection i wont be collecting it till saturday you see,
  5. alas its a standard 1.3 a gl i think i would of loved somat sporty, but i got to keep this one as a cheap motor, well i hope to
  6. i shall be collecting my most recent toyota purchase a 1991 corolla, 85,00 miles and a full service history this is going to be my daily drive, but i may do the odd tweak, the hilux forum dont belive i will leave it standard as i have modified the hilux pickup i own very extensively so is there anything i need to look out for, hints or suggestions,
  7. reading this thread with interest, i have just bought a corolla as a daily drive as i have a 4x4 thats now down to 20mpg after mods i did, its now fast for a pickup, but i weould expect the corolla to keep up easy enough, but i am sure a few engine mods wont go amis, as fas as i can tell its a 2E
  8. i bought rings from toyota when i rebuild my 2.8 and they couldnt tell me if i had std or oversized,
  9. i wasnt sure if the mk4 actually has any sensors to control fueling at all? as for the egr, if you think about it, how well would you run if you had to breath a percentage of already used oxygen, i would say blank it off personally
  10. if yours is a mk3 then there is also a small fuse box on the drivers kick panel, are you sure you have checked the link fuses, there in the under bonnet fuse panel there bolted in so could easy be missed they look somat like this,
  11. you got 2 choices either have a look for breakers on here www.hiluxsurf.co.uk i am a member on here, and there are 2/3 who regulary break surfs pickups and the like, www.hpoc,co,uk
  12. i have a heavily modified mk3 and the wife a std mk5 and we both found adrian flux insurance reasonable
  13. your question spurned me onto having a look and found this http://www.conrad-anderson.co.uk/cruisecontrols/vehicle-specific-cruise-control/cruise-control-toyota.htm
  14. if no one can help you here, there are 2 other forums who may be able to help www.hpoc.co.uk, i use alot, there are a few breakers on there, who break surfs and pickups or there is the hilux surf owners forum, i dont go on there but i would expect they can help you oh and in forum land everyone hates capitol letter, just a suggestion, cheers steve
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