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  1. Excellent write up and sums the MK4 up perfectly for me Very few minors but there is so much good to shout about.
  2. I have maxed out the battery twice in my short ownership but have not noticed any difference in operation. This was after fairly lengthy runs downhill but I did not have to stop. I will stop next time and see what happens. The MK4 is far harder to max out the HV battery
  3. I have done a full tank test. Display said 74.1 Actual 73.4 I know it is the best time of year but the mpg is superb!
  4. I went ahead with the side mouldings in the end. Very happy with them and the way they look.
  5. TBH, if I am averaging anything over 60mpg then I am very happy.
  6. Thats not as much fun! I wonder how far out the suggested MPG is?
  7. My Mk 2 battery lasted almost 6 years and around 75000 miles
  8. Anybody know the costs for the Toyota Smart Insurance?
  9. Thanks Pete. I think black would look ok on my silver one too
  10. Thanks for the replies chaps. I have now spotted the ones in the accessories brochure. For some reason my pc software would only show the interior accessories I see they do a colour coded set in the states that looks fairly good. PeteB - How much was total cost with fitting on yours?
  11. I am with you.... but so does dents. I tend to dismiss and ignore add ons as they usually tend to be just an extra money making scheme. I just tick no to all of them. Is Smart Repair a decent option Kithmo?
  12. I am waiting for the first "car park dent" and have been thinking about how to minimise this. Is there an oem body moldings set for the Mk4 or is it an after market option? I did not see it on the options list when ordering.. Anybody found out and fitted these?
  13. It seems as if I need to up my game
  14. An update. I have now done 1500 miles in my new Mk 4 at an average of 68mpg. Fantastic economy.
  15. Has anybody managed to find a simple way to wirelessly charge their iphone on a Gen 4?
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