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  1. Excellent write up and sums the MK4 up perfectly for me Very few minors but there is so much good to shout about.
  2. I have maxed out the battery twice in my short ownership but have not noticed any difference in operation. This was after fairly lengthy runs downhill but I did not have to stop. I will stop next time and see what happens. The MK4 is far harder to max out the HV battery
  3. I have done a full tank test. Display said 74.1 Actual 73.4 I know it is the best time of year but the mpg is superb!
  4. I went ahead with the side mouldings in the end. Very happy with them and the way they look.
  5. TBH, if I am averaging anything over 60mpg then I am very happy.
  6. Thats not as much fun! I wonder how far out the suggested MPG is?
  7. My Mk 2 battery lasted almost 6 years and around 75000 miles
  8. Anybody know the costs for the Toyota Smart Insurance?
  9. Thanks Pete. I think black would look ok on my silver one too
  10. Thanks for the replies chaps. I have now spotted the ones in the accessories brochure. For some reason my pc software would only show the interior accessories I see they do a colour coded set in the states that looks fairly good. PeteB - How much was total cost with fitting on yours?
  11. I am with you.... but so does dents. I tend to dismiss and ignore add ons as they usually tend to be just an extra money making scheme. I just tick no to all of them. Is Smart Repair a decent option Kithmo?
  12. I am waiting for the first "car park dent" and have been thinking about how to minimise this. Is there an oem body moldings set for the Mk4 or is it an after market option? I did not see it on the options list when ordering.. Anybody found out and fitted these?
  13. It seems as if I need to up my game
  14. An update. I have now done 1500 miles in my new Mk 4 at an average of 68mpg. Fantastic economy.
  15. Has anybody managed to find a simple way to wirelessly charge their iphone on a Gen 4?
  16. My BE is due in Feb. I have not bothered with the Sat Nav. I really hope the software improves by then. My father recently boght a VW Tiguan with all the similar software which works very well indeed. I was expecting the same from Toyota to be honest.
  17. I have had a Mk 2 for six years and averaged 53mpg over that time. 80% being local driving and not trying particularly hard either. Just wondering what sort of increase in mpg I might expect with the new one doing the same? What sort of averages are you guys getting and what type of journeys are you doing to get that mpg?
  18. Great, I appreciate the replies chaps. It has made my mind up to go with the sensor pack. I can order it now
  19. I am finding it difficult to justify the extra on a Plus version on a new Mk 4. I have a Tomtom sat nav which does all I need really so all I am really wondering whether the sensors are going to be a worthwhile investment. I have only had rear sensors in the past and wonder how good the camera is? Does the camera erradicate the need for parking sensors?
  20. I have finally got round to contacting CS and had an interesting chat with them. CS agree that a water pump failure at 37k is premature and they would expect it to last at least 60k. They did mention that it was 4 years old and out of warranty and any offer from them be a "goodwill" contribution. It appears that CS told Jemca Reading that they would match any offer the garage would make towards the replacement of the WP, up to 100%. Kind of passing the buck a little as the garage will not give too much off the labour even if the vehicle has been maintained there. On the stability/braking problem - CS have assured me this problem has not been reported to them at all. I assume I am being naive when I expect a dealer to tell the truth? After all, the problem was first reported to them a year ago, at least three times since and with me asking it to be logged each time. That is along with their tech experiencing the fault and admitting there was a problem! The dealership has serviced and maintained my car since purchase and to date have done a good job. Their warranty side however is absolute shambles. I will be taking all this up with the lady concerned and then with her bosses. Last time I get the dealer to speak to CS for me!
  21. I have been offered a 35% discount on the water pump. Failure at 38K.... I was expecting far more On the braking problem(which was logged during warranty) there was no input other than they will try to find the problem, at my cost I assume, and then get in touch with CS to see if they will contribute. To say I am less than impressed would be an under statement. I think I will contact CS myself as I am sure the dealer did not put much effort in on my behalf. Anybody got any ideas?
  22. Well, I finally got fed up with waiting for a response from the dealer and went in there to find out what was happening. Would you believe they had done nothing and could barely remember anything about it. They had made no notes on the system despite my repeated requests previously. Not unsurprisingly, I did not take long to jog there memory! All apologies, lots of recalls,blah,blah. They will be contacting CS on Monday and will phone me immediately. I am sure n extra month going by is not going to help me. I really hope Toyota CS are better than the dealer!
  23. Definitely different to my "shudder" My brakes are coming on and off(for maybe 1-2 seconds) are causing my problems. It is not that much force but enough to behave like a shudder. I am waiting for a response from Toyota who were advised of the pump and brake issues today. Thanks for the replies
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