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  1. We're they pretty easy to change
  2. That's great. Thanks a lot for the right up
  3. How did you do your headlights as really want to do mine Thanks
  4. Cheers mate. Just want to see if it's worth buying them just for the rear springs as I've got pi springs which are 35 front and 30 rear and sits perfect front just to high on the back
  5. Have you tried buying the proper filter cup for it and using that? . You will still need to put a lot of force on it but should come undone. Also spray the threaded area with loctite freeze and release spray to help it a little
  6. I did use some freeze and release spray around where the threads would be and that seemed to help. So might be worth getting yourself a can
  7. I've just done my filter and it was so tight I had to get the filter cup On the housing with a 1/2" breaker bar. Just be careful with it so it doesn't twist the whole housing assembly
  8. 205/40/18 on a 8j rim is hardly any stretch at all as that's what I had on mine. Wouldnt do it if you want good handling though as when you start stretching Tyres they loose there performance as your toughening the sidewall so they tend to slide alot more. So not really worth throwing couple hundred on Tyres for them.
  9. All depends how you want it to look. I've got 18x8 et38 front and 18x9 et35 rear and never had a problem with clearance. My car is also lowered 35mm front and 30mm rear. Tyre size is a crucial factor as im running 205/40/18 front and 225/40/18 Rear. Hope this helps
  10. Tge cars got a timing chain instead of a belt so no need to change.
  11. I've got a silver auris aswell and use autoglym polish and then dodo juice 'diamond white' hard wax. Gives a great finish.
  12. Hi all. I've gone to change my oil filter on my 2.0d and the housing is stuck solid. Has any one else had this problem and any ideas how to get it undone. Thanks
  13. I'm selling some multi spoke silver inovit sparkle in 18"x8" if your interested
  14. There is a lifetime warranty on the pads. If your discs wear out then you would pay for them but not the pads as there still free The parts used are oe quality.
  15. I work at kwik fit and would recommend the falkens if you just want a mid range tyre. My personal choice are continentals as they grip well and arnt badly priced.