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  1. Does anybody know what the correct gap is for plugs on an Auris SR 1.6 2009 plate.Thanks.
  2. Iam trading my 09 plate SR with 28k on the clock in against a Audi A1,had it 4 years and ive had a couple of niggles but toyota sorted them all under warranty,MPG wise ive had between 36 up to mid 40s.
  3. L22KMD


    Cheers Frostyballs
  4. L22KMD


    Does anybody know if I can just buy a drivers side genuine Toyota car mat or do I have to buy them as a set ?
  5. Welcome to the forum,try a glaze first before the wax as it gives a deeper / wetter look, something like prima amigo or poorboys blackhole then apply Autoglym hd wax or something like soft99 authentic wax over the top,when your washing the car get a decent shamppo like meguiars ultimate wash or autosmart duet,if you want to get some ideas get over to www.detailingworld.co.uk and take a look at the waxes and glaze section or showroom section for ideas.
  6. Just general fallout (sh-t in airbourne particals) tar, sap, metal particles etc.PS remember white spirit will remove any protection you have on the car like wax.
  7. Sounds like fallout, get these products to remove pesky spots, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CarPro-Iron-X-Cherry-500ml-with-spray-head-/310876094911?pt=UK_Car_Accessories_Car_Care_Cleaning&hash=item4861a8c1bf http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Autosmart-Tardis-1-litre-/280843132459?pt=UK_Car_Accessories_Car_Care_Cleaning&hash=item41638e1e2b
  8. Ricardo,if your in the market for an Auris,mines will be getting traded in shortly,its a 09 plate 3 door 1.6vvti SR with 26,ooo miles.full Toyota service history.ive been offered just shy of £6000 in a trade in. problems I had and have bben sorted by Toyota free of charge are,leaking rear lights, rusty wheel bolts,goosed clutch release bearing at 16k miles,and the roof gutter trim peeling off at motorway speeds but as I said all replaced free of charge by Toyota.Even after the minor niggles I wouldn't hesitate in buying another but iam after a n Audi A1 s line.
  9. Auto finesse tripple followed by either auto finesse tough coat or artdeshine nano gloss sealant.
  10. L22KMD

    Dvd Player

    cheers Eddie096.
  11. L22KMD

    Dvd Player

    As above,gathered that bit but where on the brake does it connect.
  12. L22KMD

    Dvd Player

    Guys,can anyone help,recently purchased a dvd player for auris however when going to fit it it has a connection that says (BRAKE) anybody know where this connects to as unit wont work until this is connected or is there a way to by-pass it,Thanks.
  13. L22KMD

    Auris 2.0 Sr

    Do you know anybody with an OBD11 reader,if so get it plugged in and see what fault code comes up.
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