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  1. I used to own a late (52 plate) 2002 Toyota Rav4 GX, this was bought from new. It was supplied with a cargo net/ hammock which I never used. Can anyone give me any details of what the Toyota Part number might be - wanted to try and sell it on EBay but I have no idea how much it is worth. The item has a metal bar on the two long edges, the net is tapered so front and back sizes are different, on the long side it has webbing straps with metal hooks which must be for the floor anchorage points. The item is brand new, never been used and has been in the supplied plastic bag ever since I bought the car. I have since sold the car but the cargo hammock didn't go with it. Any advice would be appreciated. Regards John
  2. Happy Birthday Bibsta!

  3. Hi Perfection, Thanks for your comment - but unfortunately things have moved on since your last posting. Inchcape have had my daughter's Yaris in for 2 days now (Monday 29/9 and Tuesday 30/9/14), dismantled the engine and have ruled out any issues with the camshaft sensors and the timing chain. They have told us that a faulty ECU is the cause of the problem which is being replaced. In the original estimate Inchcape included in the their estimate (totalling £1619.06 inc. VAT) for replacing camshaft sensors and timing chain plus the ECU (Part No. Y89661-0D071) priced at £390.57 + VAT and reprogramming (Codes described as Y08826-80010 and 33E001 Y08826-00080/) for £67.86 + VAT. Bearing in mind that the Yaris has been running smoothly, without any misfires, it seems odd that the fault with the dashboard malfunction light has been diagnosed to be the ECU. The cost of this work started off at £1160, this got reduced to £1000 and then to a final price of £900. It all sounds very unusual to me. The question I would like answering, if you are able to do so - what are the statistics for ECU faults that need them to be replaced. If as you suggested that by disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes this might have cured the fault due to a potential system glitch. Incidentally the part has been ordered and will be replaced this week - the work (parts and labour) is fully guaranteed for 12 months which is some consolation. Is this incident worthy of getting Toyota involved? Any thoughts on this saga? Thanks, John
  4. Update on this saga - my daughter has a TOYOTA YARIS Colour Collection 1.3VVT-i - 05 Plate. The engine warning light came on (and is still on) so she she took to the Inchcape Toyota dealership in South Derbshire. They did a diagnostic and this showed fault code P1346 Bank 1 Camshaft sensor. They had the car for 2 days and couldn't pin point the actual fault. An estimate was prepared to replace the timing chain, 2x sensors (crank) and the Engine Management unit - 7.5 hours of labour + parts, this was quoted at £1691.06 inc. VAT. The Toyota workshop do not seem to be able to identify exactly which component is causing the fault - the car is running fine with no rattles but with the warning light on. We wondered if just replacing the sensors might be the best option in the first place. This seems to be a relatively easy job to do, well according to a You Tube video it seems like it is, taking a matter of minutes? Toyota have suggested that they take the car apart to investigate the issue - have quoted £165 (2 hour job) over 2 days. But this is not to carry out any repairs. Does anybody have any recommendations to this dilemma - the investigation work doesn't fix it and it seems a lot of money to shell out. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks, John
  5. I had to have my rear bumper re-painted, so it was necessary for the body-shop to remove it and then re-fit the bumper. Paint job was excellent but I have noticed that with the boot lid open, the top edge of the bumper under the rubber seal is not held tight. It has some movement and top edge of the bumper in the centre is exposed - is there a rubber flap on the seal that the edge of the bumper tucks underneath, this would make a watertight connection. Can't remember what it looked like before bumper was removed and re-fitted. It seems to me that water could get in behind the bumper panel under the seal. Does this make sense? When the boot lid is shut, it all looks OK. I am going back to the body-shop to ask them to take a look at it. Some advice would be appreciated before I go back. Regards John
  6. Lee, Thanks for your reply - do you think this is an expensive job. I read on another Yaris Forum of similar problems and this Yaris owner said the fault was due to a stretched timing chain that got replaced and warning light went out - think he said that cost £170. John
  7. Having checked this out with the Toyota Dealer in Cheltenham - the fault code is P1346 Bank, the technician has said it is the camshaft sensor and has nothing to do with the oxygen sensor. Is a replacement camshaft sensor a difficult and expensive job? John
  8. Fault code advised by Toyota is P1346 Bank 1 - does make sense? Have been told by another Toyota dealer that Bank 1 might be O2 sensor. Is this two faults? John
  9. Not sure right now but my daughter is going to speak to the Toyota garage to find out what fault code was found. Will reply with more details, if you can help. Seems that the garage are not sure what is wrong and are going to the engine apart! Bit drastic don't you think? John
  10. My daughter has a 54 plate 1.3 Yaris - engine management light came on. Toyota dealer has looked at it and thinks it might be the camshaft but is not sure. Car booked in for 2 days plus weekend so that they can strip it down - at £80 per hour, this sounds expensive. Any advice on what might be wrong?
  11. Hi, European Travel (France) - Headlamp Converter On Toyota Avensis 1.8V-Matic 2010 Saloon (sorry about incomplete topic)I posted a question about spare bulb kit for use in France, this was resolved so thanks for advice. I have bought a headlight beam deflector but the guy at the Toyota Dealership suggested that I check if my car has angled or flat beams - how do I check this (apart from the obvious to shine the headlights against a wall) to check if I need these converters or not. I was told that if I apply the headlamp converters on the wrong type of headlamp then this could cause a problem. What type of headlamp is fitted to this model year and will it need the converters or not? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, John
  12. Thanks for your comments - greatly appreciated. Whilst I realise that it is highly unusual for the Gendarmes to stop and search, unless of course if there is a faulty light. I decided in the end to pay a bit extra and bought the correct spare bulb kit from the Toyota Dealer I use.....might have cost a bit more but at least I have the peace of mind that they are the correct type. Thanks again, John
  13. Can anyone help me through the maze of spare bulbs - trying to find a kit that suits an Avensis 2010 saloon model. There seems to be lots kits available but not all bulbs are included. The best search so far was My Car Bulbs but there standard kit did not include the main beam HB3. Does anyone know of a spare bulb kit that will satisfy the European legal requirements (travelling to France) Thanks, John
  14. Hi, It is slightly academic now, as whatever the car should have had - the previous owner owner must have lost possibly 1 remote master key and 1 static valet key and he only handed over 1 remote key when the car was part exchanged somewhere down the supply chain. According to the Avensis Brief Guide (on page 2) included with the Owners Manual - the keys that are stated to be provided are 2 remote master keys and 1 static valet key, this is for vehicles without smart entry and start system plus key number plate (this is also missing) The replacement missing keys (1 master + 1 valet key) are having to be purchased, will also have to see if I can get the missing key number label. Anyway, thanks for your postings. Regards, John
  15. Mike, Thanks for the brochure - do you happen to have a later issue, the one you sent was February 2009. Would be good if you had Spring or Summer 2010 issues. I have sent message to Toyota Customer Services asking if they have the brochure relevant to my model year from their library archives - will have wait for a response. Regards, John