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  1. Wrong club as the prius or i should say the missus car £10 for the year my aygo is the £20
  2. How will i manage tax on aygo runs out monday £20 for the year!!! wish they did 6months so i could cope!!!!!
  3. Has anyone heard or done this??? someone from my work had driven 500miles to a important meeting and got caught out from a car with auto delayed lock with keys on seat locking him out. After phoneing wife from mobile he told her to hold spare blipper to mobile whilst he directed antener to car and it unlocked when his wife activated it!!!!! is this poss though??? tried on aygo+prius but nothing let this be a interseting saturday experiment explore
  4. Had the same problem with mine when i had it a job lot of grease and also when i pulled the release flap i used to manualy push it back up that helped a lot, wd40 will only tempory fix problem grease lasts longer, or did with me
  5. Hi ist of all i will say this you will notice a differance in noise and think to yourself did i do the right thing in changing? well the answer is yes i got rid of my avensis which cost me just in juice £210 per month aygo = £152 avensis tax £200+ aygo £20 insurance avensis £380 aygo £190 serviceing costs slashed by half so theres your answer if you dont mind down gradeing slightly you will have more in your wallet in the long run and with the prices of everything now all i look in a car is getting me a-b dont care about looks, body kits, gizmo,s just more wages at the end of thr month in my bank and with the problems being brought up with with the aygo well nothing on mine yet (2008)
  6. Try looking on google for blueprint parts for all cars and insert your cars details into there selections and there is loads of parts from filters to pumps ect cheap parts mainly through motorquip free delivery too give it a go.
  7. waitrose fuel gave me 4mpg extra when i had my avensis 1.6 i returned to tesco fuel several times and this confirmed waitrose is much much better and the SAME price per litre in my area aswell. Pumped marked up at waitrose as PREMIUM unleaded i class premium better qaulity than unleaded or regular unleaded i may be wrong but my aygo is running on waitrose fuel and getting 63.6mpg country lanes/dual/town driving 410miles per week. Wont bother trying out any other fuel stations as im happy with this figure. Waitrose swaffham norfolk £127.9 per litre super is only 3p yes 3p dearer so may try this out
  8. I have a squeek at idle but im not sure its the water pump as it goes when i slightly dip clutch
  9. Complete nonsense people reckon only fill your tank up to half and save more fuel by the extra weight savings??? WHAT!!! 35ltr divide into 2 =17.5 im good at maths!! so whats that well water is 1.2kg per ltr approx so say 20kg extra weight what the hell is that going to save even a 60ltr tank half that you will be 32-33kg lighter cant see that doing much, also you never know when the next price hike is, also the new thing is to ditch the spare tyre WHY! :o what you save in weight you will spend on recovery when your can of tyre mend fails to work :!Removed!: and i know as i ditched my spare and only saved 0.7mpg over 400miles and lost £50 in lost of wages +wife had to drive 50miles to me with the bl**dy spare which i put in the garage as i thought my can of tyre mend would save me OR NOT! she was angry :ffs: :censor: ! Back to the 1/2 tank subject why not fill up to rim and run down to 1/4 i know 3 people at work who has never gone past 1/2 for years and now there gauges dont work when they finally pass 1/2??? guess something corroded up or the shock of someone putting in more than 1/2 tank of juice. Another one is my workmate at work only puts £10 in per day 5times a week he claims saves me money in weight and if someone nicks it they will have to fill it up but he drives 3miles out of his way to filling station on way to work???+ he complains its smoking and not running right the muppet drives it down to reserve light everyday with the car screaming out FILL ME FOR F***sake, for god sakes those injectors or filter must be caked up with gunk. Yes i know im a bit grumpy today and want a moan its sunday and have kids screaming and running around so need to get everything out. anyway if you have kept your patience reading this and not fell asleep whats your views on what i have just said, im wide awake after all that
  10. May be its just me panicing over a little noise but after driving for a little while coming to a stand still when ticking over there is a slight wineing noise but when cluch dipped only 2mm it goes and you are left with the ticking noise of engine. Now car has done 19k do i need to worry or not clutch bite is fine and release ect, please advise if poss cheers
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