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  1. You can change them but i hear its not easy and its a pain as you need the wiring
  2. Spent some time doing a mook fitment for a speedo before doing a carbon one
  3. Iv seen a test in fast car magazine with lots of cone filters tests and the overall winner was a k&n panel filter ;) I allways go with k&n panel filters. No point having a cone stocking in all the heat from your engine!
  4. Well my car was playing up and jumping abit when iv been driving along so I knew it was something up With the spark plugs, I went and checked it out and my coilpack snapped and I could easily move it all over the place!!! And just to top it off oil had got around the coilpack and got into the spark plug hole!!! I now know the bits I need to fix this but I had to do a little jim will fix it on the coilpack ;)
  5. The GT86 is not the new celica!!! The GT86 is like the new GT2000 lol
  6. Just wanted to see if there was any/if any interest in a gen 7 carbon wrapped bonnet? The bonnet was blue with some light paint coming off and a few chips. It is now wrapped in black carbon and so is the air intake that would come with the bonnet. Dont know what I'm looking for price so offers welcome
  7. Really 60miles on the light! Ill not be trying that
  8. 100miles on the light!!! What world you on!!!
  9. That the ECU box. You can open it just dont go banging the crap out the inner bits ;)
  10. I would not like to keep driving with the light on, stucking in year of crap thats sitting at the bottom of the fuel tank
  11. Right iv taken a back seat to doing the car up as of late, so started getting a few things done. One was my rear pad that was sticking up!!! as the pin had come out so ended up getting some new pins from Mr T but this taken i few trys and they had no idea what they was!! then got in in the wrong part but i got them in the end by showing them a pic lol Nice and sticking up!!! And how they should be ;) Then i ended up getting new hand brake shoes and discs as i had no hand brake and could push it with it on!!! Looking abit er ****!! Now all fitted looking like new After all that i need a new
  12. This is a Black Carbon wrapped Xbox 360 done by GetWrapped
  13. I think there are some for sale on celica-club.co.uk in the sale forums
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